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Monday, January 18, 2016

Team Jackson versus the 2016 Arkansas Blizzard

Packers fan Sassy did not see snow until we moved to Arkansas.

Today we woke up to a landscape covered in snow - barely covered in snow. In fact, the leaf litter was sticking up through the snow.

Our helped sent an IM about shoveling, which we do together for each snowfall. Sassy volunteered to supervise, but she wanted to play in the snow and hunt rabbits.

Our logic is impeccable. If we shovel early, the sun does the rest and there is no chipping away of icy patches later, plus a saving in salt.

When the Wrights lived next door, we shoveled their driveway and cleaned their cars, because they could not manage either one. Now we just do the Gardener's sidewalk and driveway.

Mrs. Wright died in the Faith and her husband went to live in a VA assisted living apartment.

Sometimes we shovel the sidewalk all the way up to the corner, because trampled down snow soon becomes ice. Because long-time residents count on solar power to melt the snow, shoveling a moderate snowfall is often neglected. Older people can fall on the ice, so some early shoveling and salting is a good investment.