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Saturday, February 13, 2016

From 2012 - Herman Otten Selling Anti-Luther Book for Reformation

Follow up:

For good reason I have focused on the McCain-Weedon-Harrison promotion of Romanism in the LCMS. McCain, as the under-blogger for Concordia Publishing House, promotes the Apocrypha and the Catholic Encyclopedia in honor of the Reformation.

But McCain is a regular Chemnitz compared to his old political buddy, Herman Otten. 

Earlier, Christian News had a feature on The Facts about Luther, by O'Hare, which is published by TAN - the Roman Catholic side of Thomas A. Nelson (Protestant) publishing. Oh, how rich, to cover both sides of the ecumenical church and make money from both.

Otten has learned from TAN/Nelson. His big spread on books for Reformation includes the horrid, bigoted, lying and slanderous book about Luther - The Facts about Luther, by Msgr. Patrick F. O'Hare.

Why exactly would a Lutheran pastor give money to the papists to attack the Reformer with a pile of lies?

Ironically, he did not list Catholic, Lutheran, Protestant on the same page. What better book to discuss the differences among the three major branches of the Christian Faith? In fact, CLP deals with the factual errors and outright lies in the O'Hare book.

How many books deal with the actual differences between Rome and the Lutheran Reformation, using the original sources?

Answer - One. Catholic, Lutheran, Protestant.

I do not see how Otten can criticize any Protestant group or any leader when he sells Roman Catholic Dreck to make a few bucks.

Perhaps he will offer statues of the Virgin Mary giving St. Bernard a fill-up next. McCain would take three- one for him, one for Weedon, one for Harrison.

From CLP:

Now we know what the LCMS thinks about Luther -
while Walther is venerated as a saint!

The Seven-Headed Luther
Coclaeus published his Seven-Headed Luther (Septiceps Lutherus) in 1529, with a title page illustrating Luther as a seven-headed man keen on novelties, raging furiously, looking for violence, and eager to set up a new papacy for himself. The image is from the Book of Revelation: Revelation 13:1 And I stood upon the sand of the sea, and saw a beast rise up out of the sea, having seven heads and ten horns,
and upon his horns ten crowns, and upon his heads the name of blasphemy. Surrounded by unreliable associates, Cochlaeus became increasingly wild and undiscerning in his attacks, publishing another work in 1534. One scholar wrote:

For the personal element in this history of the Lutheran Reformation is so dominant, the reader finds it difficult to avoid the impression that, for Cochlaeus, the Reformation was exclusively to be blamed on Luther. No good was to be expected of such a man, and no defamation seemed too base to
be left unmentioned.


GJ - Here is a free clue, Herman Otten - the Roman Catholics have abandoned the Seven-Headed Luther and the book based upon Cochlaeus' defamation of Luther - The Facts about Luther.

Why is the editor of Christian News selling this book - FOR REFORMATION STUDIES?


Pastor emeritus Nathan Bickel has left a new comment on your post "Pastor Herman Otten Joins Forces with Paul McCain ...":

Ichabod -

I gain the impression that Otten is another McCaininite. Hence, it follows that those who engorge themselves with the false doctrine of universal objective justification; they then naturally become attracted to Roman Catholicism.

Come to think of it; - no wonder CPH's McCain is so hooked on his Mother Mary lactation.

Nathan M. Bickel


GJ - People think their Mennonite shunning methods are the equivalent of fellowship principles. For instance, Otten shuns me for being against UOJ. Or Grace does. She is the theologian in the family.

But UOJ does make people oblivious about doctrine - except for that one dogma.

I know from Notre Dame that the only dogma that mattered was being a member of Rome. The ND worship department laughed at Lutherans as the "Western Orthodox."

Luther wrote - "The entire Bible is a sermon about Jesus."