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Wednesday, February 24, 2016

Icha-peak Bonus - Christian News 2-15-16 Issue Features The Faith of Jesus: Against the Faithless Lutherans. Wait for the Blowback!

Otten mistakenly promotes the idea that I have taught something other
than justification by faith. He must not remember Trinity Bridgeton UOJ
Stormtroopers threatening him about my articles appearing in CN.

The beautiful cover was designed by Norma Boeckler.

Christian News editor Herman Otten thought my Photoshop of him was funny, but he also thought it ridiculed him. The graphic is a parable of sorts, not ridicule. LCMS Pastor Otten promoted a horrible, lying, anti-Luther book for his Reformation issue, some time back. When I asked him once or twice about stooping so low, he refused to answer. He finally said on the Net - "I sell to both sides of an issue."

That theory of merchandising explains why he sells Valleskey's Church Growth textbook and Marquart's criticism of Church Growth.

I like Otten, one of the last of the quirky pastors in the LCMS. The rest are all button down, incense burning wannabee priests who tell everyone how confessional they are while sinuflecting to Rome.

I bought an online subscription to Christian News, which is a good deal. $20 for online only, which is convenient for those who work from their computers.