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Friday, February 26, 2016

Making Disciples - Now In Production

There is a lot about translating in this 45 page booklet. Of course, I do not know Greek, Latin, or Hebrew, according to WELS. I preached in German and learned a little French. Mequon students said in shock, "You know German?" I said in shock, "You don't?"

How did Little Ichabod get so good in Greek and Latin that he tutored WELS students who could not get one language or the other?

Happy Birthday, High Achiever.

He can parse
He can read
Start him young
Teach him Greek.
If I age, let me age,
Let him live.
Bring him Greek
N T Greek.
Koine Greek.

"We hear LI got his language skills from his mother,
who studied seven languages and has
a photographic memory."