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Saturday, February 27, 2016

Part Deux - Fulfilling Herman Otten's Agenda Is Much Easier by Not Following His Example

I met Pastor Herman Otten almost 30 years ago.

Otten's Agenda
In his issue of Christian News where he quoted The Faith of Jesus: Against the Faithless Lutherans,
Otten had plenty of unsolicited advice for me.

The recent issues have focused on the terrible things going on in the LCMS. He has often questioned Thrivent's agenda and the use of Marvin Schwan's loot.

These problems are easily solved by not being a member of WELS, the LCMS, or the Little Sect on the Prairie. The problems are aggravated by being a member of the CLC (sic) or the micro-mini groups that broke off from the LCMS, or from each other, or from their recent temporary mergers.

Oddly enough, each sect has selected handlers who encourage Otten to praise them and to spike stories of criminal arrests and convictions in their clergy and teacher ranks.

For example, I sent Otten the story of Scott Zerbe, Fred Adrian's married vicar with one child, who had an affair with a minor girl in Adrian's congregation. Otten was quite upset over my sending of this story and spiked it.

For the longest time he also spiked the story of WELS having a pan-denominational worship conference, whose speakers included ELCA, the Missouri Synod,  Roman Catholic, and women teaching men. Everyone was welcome to lead sessions - except the ELS. No matter what I said, Otten would not publish the story or print the poster. Finally he allowed a brief mention in a letter I wrote. Cousin Paul Tiefel in the CLC (sic) was in a boiling rage that I covered the story about his dear Cousin James Tiefel, both nicknamed Teufel by their brother clergy, for some reason.

Christian News is a place where  a lot of grousing is printed and people blow off steam without anything being accomplished.

The Answer
The solutions are fairly easy, though it may mean no more free Thrivent napkins, no more paid synod events. False friends will stop offering their pseudo-friendship and relatives will fail to repay their loans.

Do not mention Thrivent, hold Thrivent insurance or financial instruments, or invite their salesmen (aka Planned Giving Counselors) into the parish. Do not ask for matching funds for anything. Do not give away the membership list. Excommunicate Thrivent agents in the congregation for their support of Planned Parenthood, ELCA, and Mark Jeske (descending order).

Leave any and all established synods - ELCA and its break-off groups; WELS; the Little Sect on the Prairie; both CLCs; and the LCMS with its various lobbying groups.

Go back to The Lutheran Hymnal for worship and stop buying overpriced CPH and NPH books and materials.

As stated before in this post about Bibles, return to the KJV or the KJV21 for all worship and study materials.

Susan Johnson, a graduate of Jay Webber's favorite Canadian seminary,
is bishop of the ELCiC Lutherans.