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Thursday, March 3, 2016

Alcoholism and UOJ

Good morning Pastor Jackson,

I believe that like a hunting dog you have found the scent and have followed the trail. There is a predisposition toward alcoholism in my immediate family. When I did some research about the long term effects of alcoholism, I discovered some familiar traits and bits of evidence. I will bet that the clinical treatment of alcoholism was the basis for many of the addiction models that are used today. 

Among these patterns are cover-ups, denials, and that behavior that snaps when the right buttons are pushed. UOJ is the enabler for this aberrant behavior. This is just a theory, as the puzzle pieces seem to fit.

WELS Layman


GJ - Alcoholism battles against study and writing. Alcohol and drug addiction may hide behind hard work, but both are going to eliminate any careful study of Scriptures and erode any sense of right and wrong.

Eventually, addicts bottom out and engage in so much self-destruction that the obvious can no longer be hidden or disguised.

I am not against social drinking, but a lot of clergy get away with alcohol abuse because they can have so many jovial activities where others look the other way. Many can handle it well at first, but the physical addiction sets in and compounds the emotional addiction that develops at the same time.

Alcoholics protect one another, so being a drunk in WELS
is like being an earthworm in my garden - too many to count.
A good lawyer can get evidence thrown out,
but appearance bond money should be collected - so it is
not left in the public record - eh, Ski?