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Tuesday, March 29, 2016

Forgot - Or Never Knew Luther.
Why All the Establised Lutheran Groups Model ELCA

All Protestant theology began with Luther and is still Luther-based. Luther's Protestant opponents, like Zwingli and Calvin, had to study Luther because he was the dominant figure and writer for the Reformation. All that went off the rails with modern theology, which is little more than rationalistic philosophy. I will try to explain that in a minute.

Likewise, all English translations of the Bible are KJV-based, that is, Tyndale derivatives. Tyndale studied and worked in Germany during the printing of his first Bible. Tyndale is the basis for the KJV, and all Bible were KJV-based until recently. That departure is parallel to the abandonment of Luther by Lutherans, because the KJV-Tyndale is Germanic, precise, and similar to Luther's style.

All dominant German Bibles say "after Luther - nach Luther" on the title page, but Americans have forgotten the KJV and Luther, paying a heavy price for their apostasy.

Protestant Theology Off the Rails
Protestant Theology has a departure point at Halle University, with the teaching of skeptic Schleiermacher. His rationalism became the style of all modern Protestant thinking - faith without belief, that is, using the words of faith while teaching a rationalistic philosophy.

Karl Barth, the adulterous Communist, was supposedly a critic of Schleiermacher, but he was only a new edition.

Barth not only trained the leadership of Fuller Seminary - he became the official theologian of the school, as one WELS graduate told me. He verified what I learned by reading - he experienced it.

All Established Lutheran Leaders Work Through Fuller and Fuller Models

First of all, they were trained at Fuller Seminary or its clones. Fuller pro-actively (my favorite Leftist word) recruited the top executives so they would tell the subordinates to go there too, spending your offering money like water. The insurance companies pitched in, because that is executive money to spend on themselves.

They were trained to despise Luther, the liturgy, hymns, creeds, and that instrument of the devil, the pipe organ.

No Faith, No Leadership

The established Lutheran leaders have no faith, so they exhibit no leadership. They are consumed by their fears. Mark Schroeder worried aloud that he would lose his precious positive over his opposition to the NIV, which he supposedly hated with a passion.

The fist has meaning, but what meaning?

So special - we can be sure Scott does not teach justification by faith;
Schroeder would never pose with a Lutheran.

But of course - one of the Booze Brothers hisself.
Ski actually posed with his wife,
with Scott in the middle.

The Odd Couple -
Starr only publishes on one topic.
WELS has truly bottomed out.