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Monday, March 28, 2016

Going To Specialize in Roses and Fun Bee, Bird, Beneficial, Hummer Plants. Growing Tomatoes But Very Few Other Food Plants

This tender bulb is called Elephant Ears, for some reason.
Woud grandson Alex be happy to pose under it?
I promised one reader I would get some photographs today. Things are just starting to grow, but that will give me before and after photos.

Bee, Bird, Butterfly, and Beneficial Bug Plants

  • Borage is rather ugly as a plant but has delicate flowers that are edible. Called Bee Bread, bees are crazy about it. It is a constant source of food and drops seed easily.
  • Dill family. Anything in this family is great for beneficial bugs, and dill will seed itself forever. Tiny flowers are good for tiny insects. I put Queen Ann's Lace in the wild garden last year, and it grew well.
  • Milkweed and Butterfly Weed are both for Monarchs and other butterflies.
  • Garlic Chives grow through the roots and spread in the rose beds.
  • Fever Few drops seed like crazy and some consider it invasive. Beneficial bugs say, "Bring it on."
  • Pokeberry is a weed because birds plant it by perching on trees, fences, and bushes. I am trying to be delicate. However, it is also a great berry plant for birds and grows anywhere, including sidewalk cracks. I need not plant it so I will let it grow in places as a productive snack bar for birds.
  • Wild Strawberries are already blooming. They will produce little red jewels in our toxin free lawn all summer. They like sun but they fill shady places too.
  • Elderberry plants look great. I got them from Almost Eden last year.
  • Beautyberry is photogenic and good for birds.
  • Chaste Tree is a bee plant that makes a small tree.
  • Cone Flowers, Rudbeckia - another beneficial insect plant group.
  • Sunflowers, in various sizes, will feed lots of creatures and beneficial bugs, too. 
  • Bee Balm is an exotic looking bee, butterfly, hummingbird, and beneficial bug plant. It is a mint, but a clumping plant, not invasive.