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Thursday, March 3, 2016

How To Do Research Using Thy Strong Word:
The Efficacy of the Word in the Scriptures and the Lutheran Confessions
Verbatim Quotations with Citations

Someone donated money for Thy Strong Word to be sent around to various people who might want their own printed copy.

I permanently dropped the price down to  the author's price on Lulu, so anyone can obtain the printed book at a low cost. They finished one sale (30% off for three or more books) and now there is a better sale -

"With this deal, everybody saves. Need one book?  The shipping is free. Need a few books? The shipping is free. Need a ton of books, the shipping is free.  Everybody saves with free shipping."

Enter code MARSHIP at checkout and get free mail shipping. Offer expires Sunday, March 6th at 23:59 PM. Don't forget, coupon codes are CASE-SENSITIVE."


The free PDF of Thy Strong Word is also posted on Lulu - here, so I am not profiteering.

The same free PDF of Thy Strong Word is always posted one or more places on this blog.

The PDF files that I provide can be saved and shared with anyone, without asking permission.

The PDF is very handy for research, and I use it all the time. I have more than 1,000 quotations arranged by topic. I decided to set them up so people could xerox print a page or a few pages at a time, without burying the citations at the end of the chapter, my biggest grip about books.

I gave the quotations  J numbers so people could say, "Have you seen J-551?" or similar things. When Megatron was on my computer, those quotations made compiling new articles quite convenient. WELS leaders were always having hissy-fits that I quoted and provided full citations. Nowdays, if I don't copy and paste a web post into my blog, it disappears so readers cannot check it out. So I provide the link and the material. Some are so full of themselves they leave the evidence up anyway - like the graphic of the Victory of the Lamb coffee house.

How To Use the Free PDF for Research
Long ago I learned to use control-f  to find material on web pages and mistakes in a book I was working on.

Recently I wanted my ecumenical list of making disciples quotations. I used control-f  and put making disciples in the window. That gave me each quotation. All I had to do was highlight each one, control-c to copy what was highlighted, and control-v to paste it into the booklet Making Disciples: The Error of Modern Pietism. That gave me a long list of quotations with the citation for each, including many denominations, the Pentecostals, and various Lutheran nitwits.

Several readers wrote me just to talk about how WELS tumbled for all that Fuller nonsense about making disciples.

I can find notorious authors like Paul Kelm the same way. That often reminds me of who wrote the nonsense from years ago.

The control-f tool is great for this and should be used when verifying information.

That was true at the original Emmaus
but not at the latest Emmaus conference.