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Saturday, March 5, 2016

Publishing News - Moving Lulu Titles to Create Space - Kindle - Amazon.
Reclaim Luther and Justification by Faith

"Reclaiming Walther?
Why not reclaim Martin Luther,
who started the Reformation instead
of Walther covering up for a syphilitic bishop.
Why not reclaim justification by faith?"

A gift made it possible to order a lot of my Lulu books, at the author's discount and another discount, to send free to various pastors and laity -

The ordering also made it clear that Create Space has much better author prices (without those cute little Lulu codes) for such titles. 

Another gift--today--allows me to start moving Lulu books to Create Space. That means some additional proofing and editing. Fortunately I have a great closer, Janie Sullivan, who is very efficient and gifted in handling the transfer and all aspects of digital publishing. She also fixes typos on her own, bless her heart.

Janie has begun work on The Story of Jesus in Pictures, illustrated by Norma Boeckler.

Future conversions will include the three books listed above, and some others as well.

Yes, the free PDFs will continue. I plan to create a very simple website just to link all the free PDFs in one place, a little more orderly than a blog.

The advantage will be having all the titles in one place and being able to send multiple copies for a low price. The Faith of Jesus and Making Disciples are $3 and $2 in black and white. In contrast, Liberalism is $10 at the author's discount from Lulu.

Kindle is a great way to have a library on a digital device. I resisted it for a long time, but I now use it for a lot of theology books and also for all gardening books. I like the ability to quote and have the citation built into the copy and paste. That cannot be called kelming, because Paul Calvin Kelm never gave anyone credit for all the Fuller stuff he stole from them.

I use quotation marks and citations, which is why Kelm lives in a mansion and I live in a van down by the river.