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Friday, March 4, 2016

The Wizard of Ooze Pretends To Know Business - The Church Is a Business!
Men of His Word - Another Franchise iRun by the Jeske Crime Family

Do you dare arouse the wrath of the great and powerful Ooze?

The entire speech is built upon the congregation as a business. And if you do not realize this, Jeske almost says, "I pity the fool."

He begins by asking the supposed businessmen for a definition of value proposition. It is something offered to attract the customer. He often says "value prop" after that - super cool.

Next is a lengthy, dreary, history of German movement into Wisconsin and WELS growth based on that influx. Running out of immigrants was a common theme in the LCA 35 years ago. "We can't depend on boats and babies any more."

Jeske also made that point with his family of four children being quite rare today, Congregation wives asked Mrs. Jeske,  "Did you let him knock you up again?"

This speech was so edifying.

Additional players are: David Valleskey, Forrest Bivens,
Ron Roth, Robert Hartman, Wally Oelhafen, Joel Gerlach,
Kudu Don Patterson, Fred Adrian, John Parlow,
Steve Witte.

Mark loves golfing at the country club, which fits Luther's portrait of the ministers who always want the wealth they cannot have. These covetous ministers hang around with wealthy people to have a taste of luxury.

If someone comes to his house (in the tony part of town) after 3 PM, he grabs a bottle of whiskey and cigars and has a sweet time with his friends. As I wrote before, confirmed by others, WELS is a synod full of alcoholics. If Jeske is not one, his habits and those of his Changer pals will lead there in time.

When Ski was on Jeske's staff and on the Church and Change board, he kept a keg of beer in his fridge all the time. If that was not a cry for help, when all the clergy knew it - I give up. Buchholz knew and laughed about it. So Ski and Glende started a bar ministry in Appleton, both of them veterans of Jeske's schmooze and booze circus, and got into all kinds of trouble.

When does one grow out of frat boy behavior and obscene pranks and grow up? Alcohol seems to extend adolescence while destroying one's health and mental acuity.

Diversity Training - ELCA started it.

Jeske's Heroic Efforts To Live Off Tax Money
"At St. Marcus if we don't change, we are going to die." That is what he said when he was assigned to St. Marcus, in the inner city, where he does not live.

He had so many shut-ins,  there was "no time for strategic planning or fund-raising."

The solution was to participate in the vouchers program, to use tax money to fund his school. If it failed, they would still have a quarter-million dollars, he said.

Nothing in his speech suggested anything to do with the Christian Faith, trusting in God, studying the Scriptures. Men of His Word -  doubtless means Mark's word.

Jeske's subliminal anger and condescending style reminds me Ed Stetzer, the Babtist hot-air merchant. Every revelation of Stetzer is spat out with contempt. This is what we have to do to make it work! WELS invited Stetzer to speak to them, so perhaps the Jeske lobby dragged their metal drinking cups across the prison bars to get this done. Stetzer made fun of Lutherans in announcing his speaking date, a fact I was pleased to copy and paste (kelm) into the blog. Eventually Stetzer was canceled in Missouri and WELS.

When the Jeske-Witte-Patterson Changers are not grabbing tax money, they are siphoning off all the synod and foundation money they can. Success for Jeske is not being self-supporting but being supported by everyone else.

At one time the major church leaders were famous for their eleemosynary work, their generosity toward others and gifts to world missions. Passavant was a Book of Concord traditionalist who did this for entire church bodies, for building seminaries, for financing a year of seminary study from three months of summer work from a student.

The Church and Changers have been looking down their noses at everyone for a long time. Join them or be subject to their ridicule, slander, and contempt. But what have they accomplished in WELS and Missouri?

  • Closing schools and colleges
  • Driving members away
  • Sparking lawsuits from their lawless behavior
  • Soaking up so much money that the ELS, WELS, and ELCA are driven into each other's arms.