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Monday, March 7, 2016

Writing and Education Plans Have Been Expanded

Long ago I read that clergy were often under-worked. One can try to look busy without accomplishing much. I kept adding to my higher education quota until I finally found it rather tedious to sit through another class, even online. Nevertheless, I have to keep learning to stay in tune with higher education. I still teach MA classes in adult education, an experience that informs what I do now through the congregation, books, and the blog.

I advise PhD students now, so thanks, Lutherdom, for keeping me out of your navel-gazing, Walther -worshiping systems. My students love hearing about Luther and Gerhardt, and I quote them without being castigated or silenced.

As I wrote to a reader, I never expected this blog to be read by many people. When 100 views a day expanded to 200 views, I was shocked and happy. Now a typical day is 2,000 views with multiples of that number on certain days.

Various circumstances have increased my desire to spend all my energy on Lutheran education, God willing.

  • New book titles will continue.
  • Lulu books are being moved to Create Space, so a huge book like Thy Strong Word can be used effectively on a digital device for $6 and available in print form for a low, low author's price.
  • There will be a much better author's price for those classic titles moved to Create Space.
  • I work with various people with the idea that digital publishing will be expanded by many other Lutherans who share concern for precise Biblical translations, the Lutheran liturgy, and Lutheran doctrine according to the Reformation, not according to the Halle University and the Pietists.
I am not sure how to measure the interest in Martin Chemnitz Press books, except I have never seen so much interest among younger men who evidence doctrinal acuity and a thirst for knowledge. I used to ask, "Where are the men? The most interested people are women."

Now the men are writing and want to share books with others. I have run a book-sharing service with people for decades now. I acquired books from sales and put them on shelves for pastors to take home. In WELS they knew about free books and asked for them, boxes and boxes of them. They stopped by and shopped for them. And, when they might have spoken up, they were strangely silent.

And yet the seed is sown, whether it falls on rocky paths, on very shallow soil, or among thorns. The good soil will make up for the supposed failures. 

If I can get a classic Lutheran book to someone, I do. Often a used book is not only a bargain ($5) but also inscribed by some famous Lutheran. Those are especially fun to pass along.

Don't worry WELS, your students
cannot translate this, even with help.
A WELS person created this graphic,
so enjoy beating the bushes to find out who.