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Thursday, April 14, 2016

Apologia pro Vita Sua - Or - "Not So, Ottenites!
Keep Your UOJ, Your Ever-Changing Paraphrases of the Bible
And Your Adulterous Pals

Shaping the facts is the Christian News
answer to sound doctrine.

Pastor Otten likes to shape the facts so I seem to be some evil creature in cahoots with the apostates in his own synod - which excommunicated him.

Otten claims Beck's Bible does not drop the ending of Mark's Gospel, but that translation has gone through more revisions than Hillary Clinton's face.

I was around when God's Word to the Nations Bible Society was being run by an adulterous friend of Otten's, spending gushers of money on himself - all grants from the adulterous St. Marvin Schwan. When the Schwan money ran out, the mistress left  Phillip B. Giessler. Well, they were married, because Mrs. Giessler made Phil choose between her and the mistress. He chose the mistress and thought the boy was his. When one of my members saw Phil in a park with the boy, she said, "Is that your son?" in a friendly way. Pastor Phil said, "No, no!" in a way that really made her wonder.

Although Phil was lying, he was right after all. The former mistress said that was not his son, as he was told. So wife #2 was gone, and he he married a third time.

And yet good old Phil is still a pastor and has been featured in Christian News like a regular good guy.

Dr. Phil now - he calls himself Dr. Phillip B. Giessler.

Missionary to Africa Dr. Phillip B. Giessler has been a Lutheran day-school & high school teacher; a parish pastor & Bible teacher in excess of 40 years; Christian author; an Instructor of students at Concordia Theological Seminary—Ft. Wayne, IN; CEO of God’s Word to the Nations Bible Society; and Editor of the New Evangelical Translation (NET) of the NT. Currently, he is a commissioned missionary professor to seminary and evangelistic students in Kampala, Uganda; Yambio, Sudan; Nairobi, Kenya, Africa. Dr. Giessler is on his fourth missionary journey to Africa. This journey brings him to: Pretoria, South Africa; Mwika, Tanzania; Meru, Tanzania; Nairobi, Kenya; Kisii, Kenya; Entebbe/Kampala, Uganda; Gulu, Uganda; Arua, Uganda; Lira, Uganda; Mbale, Uganda. Pr. Giessler’s ministry primarily involves teaching seminary students, local pastors and missionaries wherever they can be gathered. Pr. Giessler often has to cover the traveling expenses of those who come to be equipped for outreach in their local areas. Dr. Giessler has visited Peace the last several years and receives financial and prayer support from our members.

In 1978, it was decided that Beck's translation would be revised. Phillip B. Giessler, a pastor from Cleveland, Ohio, then formed a committee and revision work began in 1982. The work of Giessler's committee (although it was—much like Dr. Beck's earlier work—essentially a "one-man" translation team with a single English reviewer) yielded another translation of the New Testament that was released in 1988 titled New Testament: God's Word to the Nations (GWN) This work was later renamed the New Evangelical Translation (NET) in 1990. (Important note: Beck's AAT, according to Rev. Hackbardt, only served as a basis for "English style.") In early 1992, according to Hackbardt, all the earlier New Testament work was abandoned by the Society and an entirely new Bible translation based on the best Hebrew, Aramaic, and Koine Greek texts and using the translation principle "closest natural equivalence"—beginning with the Old Testament—was completely re-translated by the Society's five scholars, 17 technical reviewers, and four English reviewers. In early 1994 the translation was renamed GOD'S WORD prior to being turned over to World Bible Publishers in October 1994 for publication in March 1995.

Back to the Giessler issue. Nobody knew? He was cheerfully running a Bible society as a pastor and spending money on his mistress? How many times will Missouri repeat the Bishop Stephan example? Nobody knew! And yet when finally everyone knew, he was still a pastor albeit in a more Pietistic sect that does not - officially - accept divorced and remarried pastors. He sold the dishonest Rich Food Plan, too.

Exactly what did this Beck translation accomplish? As far as I can see, it ended up in the hands of a lying adulterous spendthrift, then morphed into one more liberal translation. The final results? Nobody cares. 

Did the original Beck drop the ending of Mark? Part of the booklet was written 16 years ago when I owned a Beck. Since I check my sources, the ending was probably dropped into a footnote. Likewise, the original RSV changed the Virgin Birth of Isaiah 7 and then reversed itself when a cry went up from mainline denominations about denying the Virgin Birth - as the RSV clearly did. But they could then say, "No we don't." But look at the passage in a traditional RSV. The footnote says, "Or a young woman." 

The results are the same. Footnotes can be so useful.

David Beck's Reading Comprehension Is Zero - And He Substitutes Ad Hominem for Wit.

I am used to being called a liar when I am telling the truth. Pastor Otten is a proven liar, as all UOJists are. He gloated to me about working with Paul McCain to get Al Barry elected. McCain sent early copies of Barry material so they all came out early in Christian News. McCain also bragged to me about doing this with Otten. Both of them heatedly denied working with each other, and Otten put his denial in Christian News. If the truth had been known, Barry would not have been elected, and McCain would have had to work for a living as a pastor. 

The LCMS Seminary tuition scandal - bonus link here. << This link works.

The Becker headline is Gregory L. Jackson Lies about Christian News.

It's a lie that Otten always praised Concordia St. Louis as the greatest seminary in America? I read that countless times, even when Johnson was seminary president and kissing up to Otten. I was there when a Johnson fax came through to Otten. Herman was delighted.

When I met Johnson it took about two minutes to identify him as a certified apostate. He saw how I trapped him and backed away from his gushing about Karl Barth (the Swiss Commie adulterer). Funny how often adultery comes up with false doctrine.

The next point is where I wrote about the Purpose-Driven Life being required reading at St. Louis - and that Luther's sermons were not even suggested reading.

Becker: "Jackson also complains that Rick Warren’s “The Purpose Driven Life” was required reading at CSL at one time. There is nothing wrong being at least aware of this book."

The seminary is excused. Rick Warren is excused. But I am a liar? Who omitted the crucial comparison of Warren required and Luther not even suggested? Becker did. He has no reading comprehension (the kindest possible explanation). This is not a matter of "being aware of this book" but saying it was so important to the LCMS that It. Must. Be. Read. By. All. Students.

Calling Becker a lightweight in theology would be an insult to all the lightweights, the DPs and seminary professors.

Lightweight - destined to be a DP or seminary professor.