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Friday, April 29, 2016

St. Marcus Calls Erin Hollmann To Be Principal

Call Meeting Results
On Sunday, April 10th, congregational members gathered for a special Call Meeting in order to extend two calls – one for a St. Marcus School Main Campus Principal for grades 1-8 and the second for a Pastor of Outreach.

Mr. Tyson explained the reasons for extending this call for principal and then presented the list of candidates. After members shared thoughts, offered comments and asked questions, it was apparent that there was a clear consensus to call Ms. Erin Hollmann. Ms. Hollmann is a member of St. Marcus and is currently serving as the Director of Primary Grades in our school.
Background  - St. Marcus School is splitting the School Principal role into two focuses. Jon Boche, who has served as Principal for 8 years, will be assuming the role of Director of Recruitment and Staff Development. He will focus on staff recruitment and development, interface with the synod, work directly with staff, students and parents, tour groups and implementing areas of the school’s strategic plan. Jon will remain in his current position until someone accepts the call to serve as Principal. The Principal role will focus solely on culture, academics and behavior. The Principal will provide overall school vision, train, develop and support a team of directors and will lead school wide events and initiatives. The North Campus will continue to be led by Principal April Richter and the Kindergarten team will continue to be led by Mrs. Kristy Wegner.

Pastor Hein then explained how we are restructuring pastor roles and responsibilities and how a Pastor of Outreach will fit. After some clarification and questions, members considered the list of pastor candidates presented by our District Praesidium. Again, everyone shared their thoughts, offered comments and asked still more questions, eventually identifying Pastor Clark Schultz as their choice to fill this position. 
Since 2005, Pastor Schultz has been serving as a Religion Instructor at Lakeside Lutheran High School in Lake Mills, WI. Pastor Schultz is married to Kristin and they have two children.
Background -  Historically, St. Marcus has had school pastors and church pastors. Going forward, all pastors at St. Marcus will have a role in both the church and the school with clearly defined responsibilities for each. Some of the Pastor of Outreach’s responsibilities will be to: drive School evangelism, manage Catechism class and youth confirmation in November, provide additional Word of God tutoring for students, teach new member classes, provide staff one-on-one discipleship, deliver some sermons and assist with chapel.
The division of time is expected to be: 40% church / 60% school. Assisting with general member care (particularly those with school background), service projects and advising our Church Council will fill much of the church percentage.

Please include Ms. Hollmann and Pastor and Kristin Schultz in your prayers as they now prayerfully consider their calls and determine where the Lord can make the best use of their gifts and ministry experience.