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Wednesday, May 18, 2016

PoG Endorses Phony WELS-ELS Luther Days Conference.
Has the Odd Couple Seen the Twitter Following List?

Here's a PoG toast for the conference -
Bottoms up!

People of Gomorrah
11 hrs
MARK THE DATE FOR "LUTHER DAYS": SATURDAY, SEPTEMBER 17, 2016 at Shoreland Lutheran High School, Somers, WI!
Please join Pastor Richard Starr and Scott Barefoot for an exciting day of presentations and displays! Both Pastor Starr and Scott will be giving presentations on the subject of SSA - Homosexuality. Come visit the People of Grace display booth. Also, Pastor Starr and Scott will be doing a book signing of their book: "Forgive Us Our Sins: Homosexuality In The Light Of God's Truth". Copies of the book will be available there that day by Northwestern Publishing House! Here is some additional Information and links to the Luther Days website:
1. 75 Presenters with a 100 presentations & workshops.
2. Around the World in a Day. Live presentations (via Skype) directly from many of our World Missions.
3. Inspirational & True Stories of Incredible Faith and Courage from WELS/ELS members who have overcome tremendous challenges
4. Scholars Tent with in-depth studies into the Confessions, Luther’s Works, & the Book of Concord
5. Current list of Sessions: (…/sessions-at-a-glance/ )
6. Current list of Presenters: ( )

The Luther Days Festival is one of the most exciting events around for Confessional Lutherans and is the largest distinctly Lutheran festival in North America! This one-of-a-kind event is for the entire family and brings Martin Luther and the Reformation to life by offering participants a uniquely i...
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Mark Bergemann See you there. I'm also speaking.
Like211 hrs
"Don't worry, the New New NIV will make that the sin of in-hospitality.
Anyway, everyone is already forgiven and saved."