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Wednesday, May 11, 2016

Preview of May 16, 2016 Issue of Christian News.
Reading CN So You Don't Have To

Not much is in Christian News this issue.

Seminex was re-visited for the 293rd time. But at long last, the right conclusion was reached - Seminex won. Even the so-called conservatives in Missouri go along with the apostate trends. And why not?

Otten has been the stealth Seminex cheerleader all along. When Braaten wrote about how the Seminex professors ruined the Lutheran School of Theology at Chicago, Otten defended his St. Louis classmates as rather conservative.

Otten follows the WELS rule that one's seminary classmates are always defended, especially when they are in the wrong. Commit adultery? Leave the Lutheran church? no problem for a classmate - he is still hailed as a great teacher of the Bible.

UOJ is just like the Roman Empire - embracing all doctrines except the One Truth of justification by faith. Therefore, what seems to be a tangle of contradictions in Christian News is simply the outgrowth of UOJ: "Everyone  is forgiven and saved without faith."

LCMS Pastor Flo writes for CN. He is a nice considerate guy, but stuck on UOJ like his badly taught classmates. Does anyone read Luther or the Book of Concord on his own? Or the Bible? These matters are clear to everyone except Synodical Conference graduates post 1932, when Seminex really started because the Brief Statement canonized UOJ.

I paraphrased Romans 4:24-25 for Flo, and he erupted in accusations. This was on FB and copied into this blog. He had challenged me to restate the Gospel, so I did - and he blew up. I asked him to express Romans 4:24, and he said "If we believed in the God who already forgave us..." I am paraphrasing - it was more awkward than that - exactly what happens when Scripture must conform to Halle Pietism.

David Becker is still doing PR for Brock, who claimed to have written a letter to me denying a homosexual encounter, etc. I have no such letter and as the lawyers say, "Just deny it." So I cannot refute a denial. Becker is the one who raised the issue  anew in Christian News. I read it before, looked it up, and linked it. So believe what you want. I can only report what is out there already.

"Husband of but one wife" but never married - Brock.

England has their Ministers without Portfolio, but CN has Experts without Education.

Here Is the Real Problem
No one stands for anything. The pastors are scared to death to disagree with anything, which breeds apathy and flourishing false doctrine.

If someone can come up with grants, no matter how rotten the source, the clergy and the synodical leaders will bow and scrape to get their trotters in the trough.