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Wednesday, May 25, 2016

Preview of May 30, 2016 Christian News.
Readin CN So You Don't Have To.
LCMS Gay News

Bill Cosby may be found guilty of molesting young women under the influence of drugs. If he is, will the Missouri Synod revise its official history and admit their Founder, Bishop Martin Stephan, did something far worse - as a Pietist guru - using the Christian Faith to seduce and maintain a stable of young women who ended up sharing his syphilis. Stephan told his main mistress that he was in charge of her body as well as her spiritual life.

The Great Kidnapper, CFW Walther, covered up for Bishop Stephan and enforced the tyranny of his leader. The clergy leaders knew Stephan was an adulterer, because Stephan took his mistress along, conveniently near his cabin, while leaving his dying wife and children at home in Dresden.

Pastor Therwanger is on the left - church FB page.
The other man is not identified.
One listing has him using a hyphenated name for the first time.
See below.

Harrison - Nunes - Therwanger-Tatone
Christian News received a report that Rev. Harold L. Therwanger, the Senior Pastor of First Immanuel Lutheran Church, Chicago, who had served as Fourth Vice President of the LCMS’s Northern Illinois District, publicly announced to his congregation that he intended to wed his same sex partner. CN asked him “Do you have a same-sex partner you intend to ‘wed’?” Therwanger has not responded.

CN asked Rev. Dan Gilbert, President of the Northern Illinois District on May 18: “CN is contacting Therwanger and Valparaiso University Professor Dr. John Nunes, an associate pastor of Therwanger’s, who is reported to have heard the announcement when Therwanger made his intentions known to his congregation. CN was told that already years ago you excused Therwanger’s participationin the gay games bysaying ‘well that’s just Harry.’CN received an automatic reply on May 18 from Gilbert which said: “I will be away from the office for work with the Lutheran Church in Norway, God willing, until May 18.” 

The LCMS’s 2016 Lutheran Annual on p. 443 shows Therwagen, and senior administration pastor of First Immanuel, and Dr. John Nunes on p. 394, as serving at First Immanuel. The Lutheran Annual says that First Immanuel has 225 baptized members and an average attendance of 110. A pastor in the Northern Illinois District told CN that while Therwanger is no longer in the LCMS the responsible officials are so far allowing the congregation to remain in the LCMS and have taken no action vs. Nunes.

Therwanger - 12th place at the Gay Games.

On Google:

Rev Harold L Therwanger-Tatone - Lutheran Church - Missouri Synod ...

Address: 4343 N CLARENDON AVE APT 2517. CHICAGO, IL 60613. Phone: (708)227-2779.


GJ - Does anyone remember how Otten got all apologetic for my review of the Roman Catholic book on gay priests - thereby printing the truth about the WELS Lavender Mafia? He apologized on the front page to WELS and Professor John Brug, his official handler.

Soon after that apology, the FBI raided WELS headquarters and grabbed some computers and devices. PR Director Joel Hochmuth had his best boy porn collection there - hundreds of files. Maybe he did his file swapping there because his wife caught him once before. In typical WELS-Otten fashion - I was the criminal for telling the truth about WELS. 

I am sure Ichabod readers were looking for Otten's apology to me and his retraction of the apology to WELS. But no - CN buried the  Hochmuth story on page 17. No apology. And - by the way - Otten does not answer questions sent to him, only subscription renewals.

Also in the news, Trinity ELCA Seminary has joined the pink revolution by signing onto Reconciliation Works, which was formerly Reconciled in Christ, a program where the institution is completely in the bag for gay activism.

Look at it this way. One days the conservative, confessional Lutherans will be the ones who say, "I am all for gay activism, but I draw the line at Toiletarian take-over, the Potty Jihad. That is just going too far." 

No? Did you ever think CN hero Ralph Bohlmann would be the father-in-law of his daughter's wife?

WELS is just as gung-ho, with a clever ploy, having an admitted homosexual traveling around the synod, asking for gay contacts to contact him.


Greenbay fan Voss seems less than thrilled with Scott Barefoot.
Scott Barefoot and SP Mark Schroeder.
Natalie Pratt always said Scott was a self-important jerk.
so it is strange she invited him to Luther Days.

MARK THE DATE FOR "LUTHER DAYS": SATURDAY, SEPTEMBER 17, 2016 at Shoreland Lutheran High School, Somers, WI!
Please join Pastor Richard Starr and Scott Barefoot for an exciting day of presentations and displays! Both Pastor Starr and Scott will be giving presentations on the subject of SSA - Homosexuality. Come visit the People of Grace display booth. Also, Pastor Starr and Scott will be doing a book signing of their book: "Forgive Us Our Sins: Homosexuality In The Light Of God's Truth". Copies of the book will be available there that day by Northwestern Publishing House! Here is some additional Information and links to the Luther Days website:
1. 75 Presenters with a 100 presentations & workshops.

-ScottP.S. – If you would like to contact me personally / privately, my email address

The Answers to the Issues Mentioned in This CN Edition Are Unpalatable to Otten and the LCMS

1. Disengage entirely from Thrivent, its pro-abortion, pan-sexual, and unionistic secular practices. Besides, it is not a very good company to force on Lutherans.
2. Break all ties with ELCA.
3. Adopt one flavor of the KJV so all the Lutheran synods are using and memorizing similar language, a precise translation - like the KJV 21 - rather than a surfer-dude paraphrase.
4. Stop selling and promoting Church Growth books.
5. Repudiate UOJ and its advocates. Teach the efficacy of the Word in the Means of Grace and Justification by Faith.

Otten sides with the Church and Changers,
because UOJ is the false doctrine behind all this radical change,
which will not end with he Toiletarian Left.

WELS is keen on this stuff -
just joking, they say.