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Wednesday, May 4, 2016

Preview of May 9, 2016 Christian News. Reading CN So You Don't Have To.
Harrison Must Go! and Be Replaced by Another UOJist

Matthew Harrison has grown (a new chin) in office.
The LCMS began with a major syphilis and adultery scandal,
but no one learns that from the myth-makers,
Harrison and Otten included.

I found the place to unlimber some opinions about presidential politics in the US. A president, whether the US president or a synod president, is not going to make much of a difference by himself - or herself. This notion is quite destructive, because the people who think they have a new savior relax and defend the person, therefore the errors. The horror-struck losers think all is lost until their candidate is elected.

Christian News has wasted 50 years of newsprint promoting men rather than the Word of God, Luther's works, and the Book of Concord. It really is a disgrace.

Kurt Marquart's works are being published. Yee hah. He did not teach justification by faith, so the Halle Pietists must add his statue to their Pantheon:

  1. Walther, but not Stephan his UOJ teacher,
  2. Pieper, 
  3. Stockhardt, and 
  4. Various other nitwits who could not grasp Luther or the Confessions, favoring their own man-made traditions over the Scriptures.

Spener was treated as a god in the 19th century by all the Lutherans in America. He could not be criticized. One can find the reference among the Muhlenberg tradition leaders and a similar effect in Walther. CFW would criticize other Pietists but not Spener. In Servant of the Word, Walther allowed that Stephan was "a bit of a Pietist," distancing himself from the Pietism Walther clung to and associated himself with. That is how the Stephan crew came to America, as cult followers of an abusive Pietistic leader, devotees of Stephan's cell groups and overlooking the guru's young girlfriends.

A bit of a Pietist? That is like Elizabeth Eaton looking down on a woman as "a bit of a feminist."

Is this a New Haven grandchild confronting Harrison?
I don't know where I found this graphic.

Otten is on his Harrison Must Go campaign, which follows his Kieschnick Must Go campaign, which followed his Bohlmann Must Go campaign. Barry was spared by an untimely death.

Unspoken - if Harrison serenaded Herman with his Ballad of Herman Otten, then was Otten a tacit supporter for that first election? Tis funny to run that news as a negative now - "Don't vote for Harrison, because he covertly banjoed me into quiet cooperation! He is evil."

Are any of the "conservative" Lutheran Synod Presidents theologians?
No, they are all Thrivent insurance salesmen with very big commissions.
Harrison gets about $60 million a year for making Thrivent
the LCMS insurance and investment company.

A better argument would be to replace Harrison and his stealth campaign manager Paul McCain, the "scholarly" plagiarist who fooled everyone in Lutherdom except me. Some of you really must learn to use Google for more than looking up sports scores.

The trouble with using McCain's support against Harrison is Otten's own secretive use of McCain when Barry was first running for president.

Writing about LCMS elections is like reading South American history. Every revolution looks like the previous one, until it provokes a new revolution to end the corruption of the current one. One South American leader looked at a new machine at an American exhibit. He said, "We have more revolutions per minute than that machine."

Thus LCMS history makes us all numb. Missouri has had a Lutheran component, people who love Luther's sermons and the Book of Concord, but the Walther-Pieper cult has squeezed that out of the leadership. UOJ is the third rail of LCMS-WELS-ELS politics, so every possible perversion of doctrine and life is promoted or excused or tolerated - all three methods having the same result over time.

St. Marvin Schwan proved that you can buy love,
not to mention absolution from three synods at once.
The Bishop Stephan influence runs deep in the LCMS-ELS-WELS,
don't it?