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Sunday, May 29, 2016

Sassy the Drama Queen at the Yard Sale.
Leaves Area with Mama Cat Hanging onto Her Flank

I am trying a new tool for blogger. It is supposed to make blogging better with more SEO. I began by looking for Blog This! - which I used to use. The other tool is called  Zemanta.

We went to the second day of the yard sale, which our friends were hosting on the corner. I dropped Mrs. Ichabod off at the sale and got Sassy so she could see her friends.

I rounded the corner into the gate and yard sale, with Sassy a little ahead of me. Soon she let out a long, demonic shriek and came running toward me with a black cat clinging to her flank.

Sassy changed to her German Shepherd bark and let out quite a few barks of outrage. She only lost a tuft of hair.

Sassy had three strikes against her:

  1. She often scared that cat onto the roof where the Four Esses live.
  2. The cat had been attacked by a dog some time ago.
  3. The mother cat had kittens nearby, so they could give them away.

I walked Sassy back home after everything relaxed. She was not hurt, but her previous experience in losing a leg makes her overly sensitive and dramatic about any pain.