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Monday, May 16, 2016

Some People Looked at a Sermon by Luther - On Faith

A few people were reading this sermon, with the graphic above.

That was my favorite graphic for a time, because Luther's quotation so powerfully contradicted the prevailing UOJ dogma of WELS-ELS-LMCS-ELCA-CLC (sic). Yes, it is all one dogma: everyone is already forgiven and saved without faith.

So I read the sermon over again and garnished the text with additional graphics. Like many of Luther's sermons, this one could be foundational - by itself. The sermon does not cover everything bu the main thing - faith versus works.

Some people imagine they do not teach or believe salvation by works because they are Protestants. But works continue to be our default attitude. That is why Luther called justification by faith slippery and fragile - not that the doctrine is - but we so easily lose hold of the Chief Article.

The braying of UOJ jackasses is proof of the human tendency to let go of justification by faith by correcting and improving upon it. Once they are done, the faithless teach  that no faith is salvation.

Why is Herman Otten upset that a liberal Yale professor is invited to the Holy Place to teach Islam and Christianity are equal or the same, at least worshiping the same god?

UOJ makes all gods or no gods equal. God has forgiven everyone, regardless, so the UOJ god is no different from Allah, except Allah expects submission. UOJ is pure radical rebellion.

I am puzzled. The great and wise Edward Preuss, as Professor of Nonsense at Concordia Seminary in St. Louis ("The greatest seminary in North America:" Herman Otten) said this - as quoted by Paul McCain, Otten stealth friend, and Jack Cascione, Otten overt and cracked advisor -

Did anyone above mention that Edward Preuss later saw a brilliant sunset and joined the Church of Rome, becoming a very powerful and influential editor of a Roman Catholic journal? Cascione, McCain, Robert Preus? Anyone? Anyone?

Ironic that Paul McCain saw a powerful, free Roman Catholic Encyclopedia available and copy-pasted it into his blog to prove what a great scholar he was (minus the RC distinguished marks, of course, like all plagiarists). The UOJ impulse is so strong that when innocent or even not-so-innocent Lutherans are exposed to it, they sinuflect to Rome, snaking along until they reach their desired place of peace.