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Friday, May 13, 2016

SP Schroeder - Why Is WELS Supporting a 50 Year Lady Porn Addict Promoting Luther Days with a High School Girl?
No Wonder Joel Hochmuth Got Off Lightly

Facebook Cover Photo
You can hear Professor Daniel Deutschlander in person at 
Luther Days on September 17th. linked Luther Days, which has its own website. There is no non-profit status, or even an LLC, in spite of the claims made.

Luther Days also has a Facebook page with a video.

The website has most of the information.

The contact page says -

Natalie Pratt posted this as her photo on Facebook,
but has removed it.

Contact Info
If you have questions about the event or would like to get involved, we would love to speak with you.

Event Coordinator
Natalie Pratt: - 50 years old - clearly a porn and get rich quick addict.

Marketing Manager
Karalena Pittenger:, related to ELS Pastor Tony Pittenger. High school student.

Social Media



Webber can add this phony conference
to his sketchy credentials.
With luck, it will be mentioned in ILT News.

Note that the website, planned by Natalie Pratt, links the Luther Days Twitter account. This was not dug up by nefarious means, but displayed as part of the promotion on the website.

Luther Days' Twitter Account Reflects the Degenerate Morals And Attitudes of WELS/ELS

I asked an ELS/WELS computer expert (not related to me) to list some of the worst and strangest accounts followed. He provided me with lists and comments.

Six Lutheran accounts, such as WELS Seth Bode's, have "liked" Luther Days.

Luther Days is following 2,590 accounts.

The first one is no longer Pastor Ski, but he is still listed.


  1. A female named Daniel has "Disney scenes for adults," with cartoon illustrations.
  2. Cewgre has x-rated comments and photos.
  3. Poopstachio. Analysis needed? Lots of obscene remarks. 
  4. Some lady looks well known to the vice squad - Click for billions. Get rich schemes.
  5. Many accounts are all about dealing with porn addiction.
  6. One is for booking tours for open-minded couples. An article inside advocates spouse-swapping to improve one's marriage.
  7. More of the same could be listed.
Here is a lady following Luther Days - - "View my sexy videos at..." (one night friend dating)

Some Surprises

  • Lots of Twitter accounts followed are ELCA, LCMS, WELS, ELS, and other mainline denominations.
  • Many more are individual pastors of various denominations.
  • Charities and entities within ELCA, LCMS, WELS, ELS and mainline denominations are included.D
  • David Bendix - He is the WELS pastor arrested for soliciting a prostitute, in New Ulm.
  • Church and Changers - Ski, Bill Limmer; Jim Aderman (follows).
  • Church Growth/Emergent Church - Batterson.
  • Liberals like DP Dave Benke. ELCA Trinity Lutheran Seminary. Pillar Seminary?
  • Thrivent Builds.
  • Higher Things George Borghardt.

Additional Comments from the Field

Isn't it odd that a "WELS/ELS" event follows a bunch of ELCA Twitter feeds given the official position towards the ELCA? An event headed and organized by two women, following a plethora of ELCA pastorettes. 

Yep, you read that right, women pastors' accounts are some of the favorites of Luther Days. Are they trying to send a message to the WELS? Add in Willow Creek, BOTH Osteens, some questionable "buy likes/follows/etcaccounts, and porn feeds and you have Luther Days' Twitter account. I wonder which TWIT is running it...

A cursory Google search of Natalie Pratt's name reveals plenty about her failed "events" business, and looking up the "Marketing Manager" reveals it is a high school student. Curiously, Shoreland Lutheran High School doesn't list the event on their calendar - but does list a Widows Mite Rummage Sale. An oversight? Perhaps, but given Ms. Pratt's numerous 
failed ventures, I'd wager good money that she hasn't confirmed or paid fees yet. Or maybe the Somers, WI police caught wind of it, and said no - since Shoreland doesn't even have enough parking for its own graduation services.

Luther Days is listed on the WELS events page, while the "other" event this summer - Return to Wittenberg, a confessional Lutheran conference aimed at millennials intending to teach them about the Confessions and encourage them in their faith has apparently been blacklisted. I guess the powers that be at the new WELS HQ are fine with a couple of women with questionable business practices and ties trying to get into the Guinness Book of World Records; but a group of WELS pastors and laymen trying to further theological and doctrinal education of young people? Well, we obviously can't have that listed on our events page!

A free event of this scale (or $5 at the door), yet Luther Days somehow has been promising the "presenters" that their travel expenses would be covered. It must have some good sponsors - there are a lot of logos listed - but if I were a sponsor, I'd want my sponsor level listed 
somewhere... Except, given that there are a plethora of porn Twitter feeds followed and following Luther Days, I think I'd rather not be associated at all since it is apparent that, at best, the people responsible for organizing this event are incompetent, unreliable, and totally irresponsible (all it takes is a few clicks to get rid of those porn feeds - yet they still haven't done it).

Learn more about Martin Luther College and hear President Mark Zarling speak at Luther Days at Shoreland Lutheran High School on Sep 17th.
Other MLC professors that will be speaking include: 
Professor of German James Danell
Professor of Hebrew Thomas Nass
Vice-President for Mission Advancement Michael Otterstatter
Professor of Theology and Social Studies David Sellnow

Luther Days Festival - a Distinctly Lutheran event for all ages!
Speakers Include: Mr. James Aderman, Rev Michael Berg, Mr. Mark Bergemann, Rev Luke Boehringer, Rev Daniel Bondow, Rev John Braun, Dr John Brug, Mrs. Laura Bublitz, Dr Rebekah Carey, Rev Aaron Christie, Prof James Danell, Prof Mark DeGarmeaux, Mrs Rebecca DeGarmeaux, Rev Daniel Deutschlander, Mrs. Sallie Draper, Rev Nathan Ericson, Mrs Karen Fischer, Rev Robert Fleischmann, Rev Don Frelitz, Rev Joel Gaertner, Ms Rachel Greiner, Rev Brock Groth, Rev Nick Haasch, Rev Mike Hartman, Rev Robert Hein, Ms Angela Hohenstein, Rev Kevin Hudley, Mr Rick Kneser, Rev Dan Koelpin, Rev Rik Krahn, Mrs Melissa Kreuser, Rev Daniel Kroll, Mr Brian Arthur Lampe, Mrs Marinda Ledermann, Mrs Linda Liesener, Dr Gary Locklair, Prof Thomas Nass, Mr Carl Nolte, Rev Michael Otterstatter, Rev Adam Pilarski, Rev Tony Pittenger, Mrs Melissa Pittenger, Dr Joel Pless, Rev Paul Prange, Mrs Sarah Reik, Mrs Amanda Rose, Ms Pat Schlosser, Mrs Naomi Schmidt, Rev John Schuetze, Rev Michael Schultz, Rev Roger Schultz, Rev Curt Seefeldt, Rev Nathan Seiltz, Rev David Sellnow, Mr Martin Spriggs, Rev Richard Starr, Rev Paul Stratman, Mr Jeremy Thiesfeldt, Rev Benjamin Tomczak, Mrs Bethany Warnke, Rev David Jay Webber, Rev Paul Webber, Rev Kenneth Wenzel, Mr Patrick Winkler, P.E., Rev Brad Wordell, Rev Mark Zarling, & Rev. Paul Ziemer.

Lena Pittenger, a high school student,
is working with Natalie Pratt.
Is anyone watching the store in the ELS or WELS?

ELS Pastor Tony Pittenger is listed as a speaker.
Events in the Past - Apparently Managed by Natalie Pratt