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Saturday, May 14, 2016

The WELS Tricks - Deflect and Erase

The Old WELS Tricks - Deflect and Erase
Dishonesty in WELS is betrayed by a number of old tricks.

  1. Deflection is useful. Don't address the issue of a fraudulent conference led by a woman with no qualifications. "You used private information!" Here is a little English lesson. When something is published - especially on the Internet - it is not private but public. Material posted on Facebook or government websites is not private or no one could see it. Pretending otherwise is deflection.
  2. Deflection is also handy for claiming victimhood and hurt feelings, two worn weapons of the Left. "You made me feel bad" is not only a criminal indictment, but a 100% conviction as well. Perhaps someone completely unqualified should not be even near a Lutheran conference, let alone managing it with a high school girl.
  3. Deflection is also practiced by running around gathering allies to pounce on the person who tells the truth in public, using his own name.
  4. Erasing is clever but always a day late. When I find someone published on the Net, I copy the URL and the material. WELS typically erases the evidence, claiming innocence, victimhood, and hurt feels. A good old round of name-calling is handy and comes natural to WELS. But erasing the evidence does not change the fact of the sin: it only proves the individual was guilty in the first place.
  5. Erasing does not solve any problems, since the evil intentions are the same. When I began publishing all the Church and Change conferences and their list-serve conversations, they were filled with wrath that their "secret" list-serve revealed the main characters and their devious behavior. Church and Change officially disappeared and had their "last conference" with DP-in-Waiting Don Patterson attending. But their cancerous organization simply grew in numbers and programs, with Mark Jeske and Mark Schroeder laughing at the hicks who believed C and C was gone.