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I exhort therefore, that, first of all, supplications, prayers, intercessions, and giving of thanks, be made for all men; For kings, and for all that are in authority; that we may lead a quiet and peaceable life in all godliness and honesty. For this is good and acceptable in the sight of God our Saviour; Who will have all men to be saved, and to come unto the knowledge of the truth. 1 Timothy 2:1-4

Wednesday, June 29, 2016

Authoritarian Rule Is the Problem In the Church - Not the Solution

The Duggar clan was deep into Gothard's authoritarian lifestyle and business:
Josh and Anna met at an annual Gothard gathering.

A group of articles about Fundy Guru Bill Gothard include  -

  1. This summary from Christianity Today,
  2. Another from the Washington Post, and
  3. The Cult Next Door from a Chicago magazine, where his headquarters were located.

Bill Gothard is being sued by 10 or more young women,
who were selected by him as "staff" and groomed at his headquarters.
Here he is posing with Duggar daughters - still welcome there.

Recovering Grace is a website about Gothard's methodical abuse.

Anticipating the 500th Anniversary of the Reformation, Lutheran leaders should be more aware of Luther's fight against the divine rights of the Pope - which included torturing and murdering opponents.

Pope Paul VI is supposed to be the last Pope to wear the tiara,
which is a crown for the pope-king.

The bishop's hat - the mitre - is supposedly more modest.
Popes no longer parade around in their tiaras,
but they claim divine infallibility for themselves -
and for all those who agree with their dogma.
The Episcopal Church, the Eastern Orthodox church, and others affect the cone-head look with the mitre. The term "episcopalian polity" is used for any group that makes the bishop (episcopos) the ultimate authority in the group. The Biblical term means "supervisor" - literally - not mini-pope. Richard Neuhaus' one sentence send-up of the AELC Seminex bunch was "a portable seminary and a superfluity of mini-popes."

The parts of ELCA adopted the episcopal titles and dress before the 1987 merger, claiming "nothing will change." They only become more dictatorial and corrupt.

A bishop's hat - modeled by Bishop and Mrs. Robinson -
is not necessarily a sign of orthodoxy.

Presiding Bishop Schori and her lady bishops in The Episcopal Church -
just try to gainsay these harpies.

Some wear an invisible mitre.

Bishop Matt Harrison controls the LCMS as an authoritarian,
down to censoring what he does not like on his PR blog Steadfast Lutherans -
open discussions for those who agree with Harrison.
ELDONA is the smallest group to adopt the mitre.


Acolyte Stefanski - "One of the things I enjoy about the Evangelical Lutheran Diocese (ELDoNA) is that it fosters independent thinking and expression. Our bishop, the Rt. Rev. James Heiser doesn't 'run' the pastors (much less the congregations) or assign them to do his bidding, but simply offers such correction as may be necessary from time to time as they study and proclaim. If we seem to walk in unity (or, if you wish to be derisive, "in lockstep"), it's not by his dictate, but by agreement in the Word of God. Interestingly, having been educated in various church bodies, schools, and academic eras, most of us did not start out on the same page, but have been brought together as we have studied and confessed individually and found that our confession was the same…for which, to God alone be the glory.

Ten years of the diocese, now, by God's grace; may the Holy Spirit ever cause us to walk as one!"

Bishop Heiser (profile picture - mitre, above) - "Thank you, Pr. Stefanski. And, suffice to say, such correction is very rarely needed." 

When someone dared to give away this book at the last ELDONA conference,
bully Oncken ordered it removed and Bishop Heiser was clearly outraged.
Heiser, Rydecki, and others interested had copies sent to them (no objections
raised) and draft sent free seven (7) months earlier.
Since then, ELDONA has lied about a pastor not even involved in anything
concerning them and magnified their hissy-fits into slander.
The Rolf Synod left the ELS, including Rolf Preus,
but Rolf left the synod, leaving them with an awkward name.
Note the details copied verbatim below.


The Ultra-UOJ Rolf Synod Was in Fellowship with ELDONA for Years!

As of Ascension Day 2010, the Evangelical Diocese of North America and the Association of Confessional Lutheran Churches recognize fellowship with each other.

The 2010 General Conference of the ACLC was held April 20-21 in Princeton, MN.  It was hosted by Christ Lutheran Church
We joyfully and officially received Christ Lutheran as a member congregation, along with Rev. Robert A. Lawson, Sr.
We regretfully acknowledge the resignation of Rev. Rolf Preus as Superintendent of the ACLC and withdrawal from membership.
We unanimously adopted "A Statement on Confessional Fellowship."
We rejoice in moving closer to practicing fellowship with the Evangelical Lutheran Diocese of North America
We carefully read through and discussed "Unity, Union, and Unionism."
On right our 2010 General Conference attendees (from left to right): Rev. Robert Lawson, Jr.,  Rev. Em. Walter Anderson, Mr. Richard Scott, Mr. Bob Schlesselman, Mr. Allan Kretzmann, Rev. Robert Lawson, Sr., Rev. Steven Brockdorf, Guest Rev. Mark Mueller of ELDoNA, Mr. Scott Markel, PhD., Mr. David Flitter, and Rev. Karl Heck.

GJ - One can only marvel at the way in which false teachers lead their people to and fro, in errors maze.