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Sunday, June 26, 2016

More Live Blogging from the CLC (sic) Convention.
Watching So You Don't Have To

Paul Tiefel and Dave Koenig produced While It Is Day,
their collection of false doctrine, distributed to innocent
students at their tiny college. After it "no longer existed,"
it was still be distributed. Sound like WELS'
Church and Change? Some UOJ mother,
a womb of lies and corruption.

I listened to the CLC (sic) discuss opening up their schools to a few non-members. Men walked to the microphones to worry about the consequences of that idea. The sect has a definite commitment to whatever was done in the past. I noticed that cited again and again. They are stuck in 1955 -

The convention seemed to be repeating the same stories and arguments, little considering that their claims are far afield from reality. They are just as Church Growthy as WELS, not surprising since they cast covetous eyes over the fence all the time, just as WELS covets Missouri, and Missouri covets ELCA.

In video above, seemingly filmed in the 1950s, LW Schierenbeck explained UOJ with the time-worn bromides of the Synodical Conference:

  • God has justified the world.
  • God justifies the ungodly.
  • If that were not so, I would blow my brains out, because I am ungodly.
Paul Tiefel did the interviewing in Hewn Rock, so that reminded me of this hilarious episode in the sect.

He was always worried about WELS being harmed by my truthful articles or emails. Tiefel always began by saying, "We are not in fellowship with WELS but we should not blah-blah..." He was always calling me a liar and and slanderer, but he never mentioned he was just as Church Growthy as his cousin Jim Tiefel at Mequon.

Someone mailed me the poster for  Jim Tiefel's worship conference at Carthage College (ELCA). I sent out a purely factual email, probably on the CLC Slinger email. WELS had women teaching men, a Roman Catholic teaching the group, and - gasp - LCMS leaders. They did NOT have anyone from the ELS teaching anything at the conference.

Paul Tiefel used another person's email account to blast me as a liar, slanderer, etc. His entire spiel was hyperbolic. I was in New Ulm, where Martin Luther College bought my books as they came out. The library even phoned me to tell me about books they were removing from the library, in case I wanted some free old classics.

I tried to get the message about the conference out in Christian News, but Otten resisted me several times, even on the phone. Finally he printed the information as a letter, and the letters were always read.

At one point, either before or after this episode, Jim Tiefel (WELS, Mequon) sent Otten and others a letter saying that I needed a thorough examination from a "caring physician." Paul must have consulted an attorney because my copy was stolen from my office in New Ulm.

The narrative continued. At one point old Dan Fleischer (CLC prez) asked me about the WELS worship conference, which caused a minor dust-up in WELS. The question was still whether I made up everything. I said, "The poster was in the library at Martin Luther College, and I had a copy next to me as I wrote the message."

Every time the truth came out, someone cried "Liar! Slanderer! Eighth Commandment!" The CLC (sic) was no different from WELS in protecting and promoting false doctrine.

Tiefel and his pal Dave Koenig also hyperventilated at the mention of "making disciples" being a wrong and Church Growthy translation of the Great Commission. That had the Tiefel gang hopping up and down with rage, so precious was "making disciples" to Church Growth. The dunces of Church Growth taught their slow-witted followers that the key to growth was starting Pietistic cell groups, because "shepherds don't have sheep. Sheep have sheep."

Gutsche has been in every Lutheran synod and sect
except ELDONA. Koenig roared, asking who gave me this photo.

It was on Facebook for all to see - but without the captions on the shirts.

So it was with great irony that I watched old Dan Fleischer going over his experience at Northwestern College (WELS) and insisting that the Wisconsin sect had to admit all their horrible sins before they could ever be together again. He let Paul Tiefel and Dave Koenig run down anyone in their way.

Dale Redlin had an interesting comment about the two. He told me on the phone that Tiefel were always causing trouble with their false trouble. "They never apologize and never retract."

At one meeting I brought up on Paul Tiefel (CLC) tore into the president of the CLC in a letter, a disgraceful, disrespectful letter. Hothead Paul, instead of disdainful cool, stood up and started yelling non-stop. Such a laugh. I got the same response from Mormon missionaries when I asked about their sacred underwear and Jesus being the brother of Satan - incoherent yelling.

Frosty Bivens, WELS, said that it was slander to quote a brochure where
Kent Hunter (Fuller DMin) obtained an endorsement from Paul Kelm.
Bivens boasted about going to Fuller himself, but also denied it.
UOJists are always liars.