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Friday, June 10, 2016

WELS Pastor Mark Jeske Tried to Spin the Dave Wendt Rape Threat.
April of 2015

Jeske covers for a fellow WELS pastor
in the most bizarre smokescreen ever -
the Internet did it.

U Will Eat What U Tweet

Nothing on the Internet ever dies.

There is apparently enough server capacity on earth to preserve every word and picture that ever went into cyberspace. Good news for researchers and history nerds. Bad news if you assumed that you have any kind of “personal privacy” once you post or send something. A Lutheran pastor in Wisconsin just lost his job because the screen name, behind which he hid as he crudely and obscenely tried to flame somebody with whom he disagreed, turned out to be porous. He was outed, and then he was out of a job... - April 9, 2015, 8 AM Central Daylight Time.

GJ -

Mark Jeske's spin-machine portrays him as smart, but I have never seen evidence of it. A small-time Robert Schuller, a would-be Joel Osteen, he repeats the bromides of the success gurus. 
This Jeske post is a crude attempt to put the WELS Pastor Dave Wendt scandal  to rest by publishing a series of excuses and falsehoods.
Wendt denied sending the message, but it came from his account, he admitted. Is he trying to blame a family member, a pet, the NSA?
Oddly, Jeske tells the truth by saying Wendt sent the email.

Claire Van Fossen found out who sent the
abusive and threatening email.

Let's Parse the Post
  1. Jeske omitted the fact that Wendt is a WELS pastor, who immediately resigned. Why resign while denying sending it?
  2. Wendt "tried to flame" Claire Van Fossen. Is that not strange, coming from a sect where the slightest imagined insult is portrayed as slander and an apology and retraction is demanded? Wendt used a series of vulgar terms, not unlike the language Ski and Glende (both Jeske veterans) used in front of women. That is not "trying to flame," as Jeske must know in his hip coolness. Flaming is an online argument with personal insults. Wendt's email went far beyond that.
  3. Worst of all, Wendt called the blogger "hot" and threatened to bring friends over to gang rape her.
  4. So Jeske has this down as "trying to flame" while omitting the crime of threatening to gang-rape the young woman with his friends. One mobster was put in prison simply for making a threat to an  FBI agent.
  5. "He was outed and then he was out of a job." Not exactly, hipster guru Jeske. The young woman investigated who sent the email, and her associates discovered it was Pastor Dave Wendt, staff member at a $1 million a year budget WELS congregation in LaCrosse.
  6. I have been reading the First Evangelical Lutheran Church, LaCrosse website and the WELS website. I have not seen an admission of the crime committed, not a word of remorse, regret, or apology.
WELS Attitude Toward Women

I have no contact with the blogger, but I hope she soon finds out this is normal behavior for WELS clergy and leaders. Claire can find out how Ski behaved and how SP Mark Schroeder, DP Doug Engelbrecht, and the future DP Zank protected Ski. Did anyone apologize to the lady staffer? Why did the previous staffer quite suddenly while working with Ski?

Claire can easily discover that Ski and Glende sued the husband of Ski's victim for telling the truth, as Glende had to admit in court. DP Patterson gave Ski an insta-call to Texas, and Ski escaped his own follies once again.

WELS clergy are notorious for their alcoholism and adultery.

When they are in training, they have "score reports," where the manly men get together and brag about how far they have gone with their current girlfriends. In other words, they humiliate their potential brides in front of their fellow students. When one wife complained about this, her husband howled with laughter.

WELS does not admit anything and expects everyone will soon forget:
  • Pastor William Tabor's wife murdered in the parsonage.
  • Teacher Al Just's wife stabbed to death in her bed.
  • District President Ed Werner sent to state prison for molesting young girls in his congregation, sent there by the girls' mothers who were previously molested and said "No more!"
Normally, married men post photos with their wives on Facebook.
Glende and Ski were thrilled to be  with Katy Perry for a moment,
and kept these photos up for a long time.