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Saturday, June 4, 2016

WELS | Still Promoting Phony Luther Days Festival.
Who Is Handling the Money? - Natalie Pratt?

WELS | Upcoming Events Luther Days Festival:


Natalie Pratt

Phone: 920-573-5903



Luther Days FestivalSeptember 17, 2016

The Luther Days Festival is one of the most exciting events around for Confessional Lutherans. This one-of-a-kind event is for the entire family and brings Martin Luther and the Reformation to life by offering participants a uniquely interactive and distinctly Lutheran experience for all ages. The festival also embraces the heritage of the Lutheran Church and is an action-packed day with hands-on exploration into the reformation, our Lutheran faith, and the German heritage of the immigrant Lutherans.

Location: Shoreland Lutheran High School, Somers, Wisconsin.
Participating Presenters: All presenters are affiliated with either WELS or ELS, unless the presentation is non-religious in nature and pertains to the German Lutheran heritage instead.
Activities: About 100 different presentations, along with interactive activities for ALL AGES.

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