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Monday, July 25, 2016

ELCA (Seminex) Pastor Bruce Foster Unhitched His Hellish Bigotry in 2011

Dear Dr (by virtue of a degree issued by a school run by the underlings of the anti-Christ) Jackson

You like to remind people how my (sic) hits your web site gets. The traffic is dramatic. What exactly it means, however, is up to interpretation. One group who follows your posts are people who support your ideas. A small group of names come up again and again on comments, Bruce Church, Brett Meyer etc. I have no idea if these are real names or people who use fake names. They are, I am sure, real people because their styles are unique and I don't think anyone would go to the trouble of making up commenters.

Others, however, I suspect are people like myself who stumbled on to your web site and have become addicted to your style and thought processes. Any one who blogs as much as you do reveals a great deal about yourself on the site. One thing I am sure, however, is that your desire to present the actual facts in matters takes a back seat to presenting your own world view. If the facts don't match your world view, ignore or change the facts. An example. You wrote

"ELCA and the Episcopal Church began living together in sin a few years ago. They did not form a legal, legitimate merger, but invented a way in which Episcopalian polity could be forced upon Lutherans. One example was the sudden necessity to have an Anglican bishop present at all confirmations and ordinations. Why not at Holy Communion too? "

[GJ - Objections from pastors and laity leaving ELCA because of CCM.]

The best response to this is "Weird." I am not sure which alternative universe you live in, but you do not live in mine. In my universe CCM had two requirements. First, that all ELCA bishops in the future have at their consecrations at least three bishops who themselves were ordained into the historic episcopate. Second, that a bishop be present at all ordinations. This second requirements has an exception for those ministerial candidates who object to this requirement (not many do, but some have). And that's it. Now I didn't support CCM. I spoke against it. Indeed I publicly in the presence of Bishop Anderson said that the historic episcopate was one of the most butt stupid idea ever developed in the church. But I attacked CCM for what was actually there.

Where you get the idea that an Anglican bishop has to be present at "all confirmations and ordinations" I haven't a clue. Trust me, in the years since CCM I have had confirmations every year without any bishop there. And the comment "Why not at Holy Communion too?" is just bizarre.

Bizarre. Maybe that's the answer. You were just making stuff up for the fun of it. Satire or parody. Just like when I challenged you about how you knew Bill Lazareth went to hell your response was that you were joking.

And yet this makes for entertaining reading. What will Dr. Jackson make up next? It's all too sad really. You have a great work ethic. You are in many ways very bright. Too bad you don't take things seriously.

Bruce Foster (please don't belittle me for not having a degree from the anti-Christ's best school)


GJ - Every few months, ELCA Pastor Bruce Foster sends an email like this. It makes my day. He was the ELCA pastor who gave up the WELSians pastors Lindemann and Jenswold by quoting them. They were quite nasty anonymously. Foster is a bit hostile, but he signs his stuff instead of hiding in the foliage of the WELS Grapevine. I just call him Bananas Foster.

He used to be LCMS, so I am glad there is a place for apostate Missourians to go. Anyone trained in UOJ will fit right into ELCA, so the transition from LCMS to Seminex to ELCA is an easy one. Neuhaus took one more jump - to the Church of Rome.

I wish I had the creativity to make up everything. Of course, if Foster had a serious objection to the facts I presented about the Anglican-ELCA morganatic marriage, he could send a serious post. ELCA is not so fascinating that I keep track of every detail. ELCA's CCM was so terrible for many that they began leaving the sect, one large congregation at a time. That became the base for the LCMC, which grew to something like 700 congregations after ELCA bowed to the Lavender Mafia in 2009.

Foster is correct. The more he writes, the more he reveals about himself. He is still fretting over the posthumous status of Bill Lazareth, sainted bishop and theologian of ELCA. I think that is all settled by now. As Bones often said in Star Trek, "He's dead, Jim."

Foster misses the point about education. Tim Glende and other WELS bullies claim they are right by virtue of their excruciatingly difficult education. They actually studied Greek! The WELS pastors do not not admit how few of them are even adequate in Greek. Glende is not on that list. Even if he were, the argument is completely bogus. Here is the argument encapsulated: "You, a lawyer and layman, cannot possibly be correct. I can plagiarize Groeschel's sermons all I want, because I studied Greek and you did not."

As 29A knows, I have been almost everywhere and often have first-hand knowledge of the theological leaders I discuss. For example, I heard Lazareth speak in Kalamazoo, Michigan. Some other recent leaders in ELCA that I have met are: Chilstrom, Marshal, Crumley, David Preus, Franklin D. Fry, Neuhaus, and several seminary presidents, including the new one at Wartburg, Stan Olson.

If merely graduating from an unaccredited seminary is enough to dazzle the typical WELS/ELS layman, how much more should theology degrees from Yale and Notre Dame?

The Lutherans have not been able to put together a university yet, and Valpo does not count. Foster should know that seminary "doctorates" are a joke, whether they are DMins or some other concoction.

The only Catholic-run part of Notre Dame was its seminary. We used their building on the lake once or twice, but the PhD program was independent of priestly training and had almost no connection with them. Some future priests attended our classes, but we were never in theirs. Foster should know by now that Notre Dame is managed by an independent board.

I am not sure what fuels his endless sarcasm. I suppose it is the closest he can get to humor. Foster sounds just like the WELS pastors who go ballistic because I point out their beloved CGM is nothing but false doctrine. They have deep, serious arguments like, "We can go to Fuller because you went to Notre Dame."

No one is allowed to criticize ELCA or WELS. Both are thin-skinned Holy Mother Synod operations, and their clergy are equally irritable. I enjoy getting under the skin of false teachers, Pastor Foster, and that is the point of this blog.


Why was the Lavender Mafia so happy about Liz Eaton's election?
Mark Hanson was already on their side.

Brett Meyer has left a new comment on your post "ELCA Pastor Bruce Foster Needs Some Attention":

Perhaps ELCA Pastor Bruce Foster should remember that although Pastor Jackson studied at the Antichrist's university, he was and remains faithful to Christ and the Lutheran Confessions. Pastor Foster though is in direct denominational fellowship with the Antichrist as was confirmed by the Joint Declaration on the Doctrine of Justification and is neither faithful to Christ or the Lutheran Confessions.

Ichabodians should note that the Antichrist's hope for global spiritual ecumenism (quoted below) is the same ecumenism that is being promoted and established by the (W)ELS - diaprax (dialogue) being the tool to help build that unity.

Holy Father meets with Lutheran delegation, encourages prayer and dialogue
Vatican City, Feb 10, 2010 / 11:05 am (CNA).- After today’s general audience, the Holy Father met with a delegation from the Evangelical Lutheran Church of America (ELCA) in which he expressed hope for the “continuing Lutheran-Catholic dialogue.”

The Lutheran delegation was led by the ELCA’s Presiding Bishop Mark Hanson, who is also President of the Lutheran World Foundation, the global Lutheran partner to the Catholic Church since the Second Vatican Council.

The Holy Father addressed the delegation in English, saying that he hoped “the continuing Lutheran-Catholic dialogue both in the United States of America and at the international level will help to build upon the agreements reached so far.”

One such agreement is a joint declaration on the Doctrine of Justification signed by the Vatican and the Lutheran World Federation on October 31, 1999. It was the product of nearly 35 years of Lutheran-Catholic dialogue in the United States and abroad.

The Pope the noted that an important additional task “will be to harvest the results of the Lutheran-Catholic dialogue that so promisingly started after the Vatican Council II.” In order to continue “what has been achieved together since that time, he encouraged Lutherans and Catholics toward “ardent prayer” and “conversion to Christ, the source of grace and truth” in order to build a “spiritual ecumenism.”

“May the Lord help us to treasure what has been accomplished so far, to guard it with care, and to foster its development," the Pope prayed.

The Holy Father concluded by echoing his predecessor, John Paul II’s words while addressing a similar Lutheran delegation in 1985: “Let us rejoice that an encounter such as this can take place. Let us resolve to be open to the Lord so that He can use this meeting for His purposes, to bring about the unity that He desires. Thank you for the efforts you are making for full unity in faith and charity.”

"Brett, our guy is not going to budge on this one.
Yes, I am wearing a Presbyterian pulpit costume -
it sure beats a rose chasuble."


GJ - How delicious it must be for Foster--to join in fellowship with Rome and all denominations of the Left, creating union congregations--and denounce me for studying at Notre Dame, for writing against Roman heresies, for questioning his apostasy from the LCMS.