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Friday, July 29, 2016

Everyone Should See the Movie "Hillary's America." by Dinesh D'Souza

The movie "Hillary's America" was written, produced, and narrated by Dinesh D'Souza, who was born in India and established himself here as a conservative writer.

The movie is well done and obviously polemical. The historian side of me wanted to add what the RINOs have done to create the same problems. The so-called Thomas Dewey wing of the GOP has been eager to go along with the worst Democrat socialistic solutions. The entire country is moving in that direction.

I blame both parties since we have not had a conservative president since Reagan left office in 1988. Neither Bush was even close. But the point of the movie is to prevent adding to the mistake of electing Obama by anointing Hillary Clinton.

A large part of the movie is devoted to the history of the Democrats, a party devoted to slavery. The Republicans loathed slavery and most Lutherans avoided the South because of the slavery issue. One exception was the Missouri Synod, since Bishop Martin Stephan was a Bohemian, and they owned slaves for the sugar trade.

CFW Walther saw naked slaves in the markets of St. Louis and defended slavery.

The Ku Klux Klan, a renegade Masonic Lodge, was designed to suppress Black influence in the South and to scare or kill the white Republicans. The Democrats were able to win the Civil War in a sense by driving Blacks out of office and also denying them Second Amendment rights. Condi Rice said her neighborhood's ownership of unregistered guns enabled them to defend themselves against white bigots who wanted to attack with their guns - but not with return fire.

D'Souza makes a good case for the welfare system and the urban Democrat political machines being a new version of the plantation system in the South. Blacks and foreigners are given a certain amount of help in return for their 100% (or higher) votes.

The welfare system is a racket, no different from the crime rackets that exist beside it. Organized crime and the political parties work together in brotherly harmony.

Planned Parenthood - Another Racket
Margaret Sanger developed Planned Parenthood to kill as many Black babies as possible. Her work was hailed by other advocates of "eugenics." She was invited to speak to the KKK, who approved of her message.

This has become an enormous and evil scheme where vast amounts of tax money are grabbed - ObamaCare dollars too - so Planned Parenthood can support the politicians who fund them.

Thrivent also supports Planned Parenthood, but the "pro-life" leaders of LCMS-WELS-ELS will not say anything to endanger the flow of loot to their headquarters, over $50 million to LCMS alone - each year.

Dinesh draws a clear parallel between the rackets of street criminals
and the rackets of politicians.

Hillary's Crimes
Some of Hillary's crimes are pointed out briefly. Each one would really require a separate movie.

When Bill Clinton was elected, I predicted the Bill and Hillary would inspire a bookstore full of books about their corruption. I predicted that to a lawyer-MBA-CPA at the time. In the middle of Bill Clinton's years, the lawyer kept saying, "Greg. How did you know?"

My answer was this, "I read about their work in Arkansas, such as White Water and the looting of the bank. Too many things were NOT said." The same was repeated many times over with Obama, whose past was erased, altered, and Photoshopped. Obama's collegiate Marxist was overlooked, just as his Indonesian citizenship was ignored. His mother took him to Seattle right after he was born. Why there? No answers. In fact, no one knew until well into his presidency.

Some Hillary crimes are:

  • Whitewater land schemes
  • Madison Bank
  • Tainted Arkansas prisoner blood sold to Canada
  • Rose Law Firm billing
  • Cattle futures
  • Mysterious deaths
  • Vince Foster's death not investigated properly, and 
  • Many more listed here.

The so-called Clinton Foundation is an even larger and more obvious racket, also supported and promoted by the Bush family.

There are many more insights in this film, such as the Founders claiming that government comes from the consent of the governed, not rights from the consent of the federal government.

The ending is a moving version of the Star Spangled Banner.

Everyone Should See This Film

People may take issue with some of the claims of the movie and spread the blame around more, as I certainly do.

We need to do more and not imagine a few politicians will change America by themselves, without the active support of a majority of the voters. We were better off when we had so many WWII and Koreans in the voting population, people who would show up for school meetings and city council meetings.

The Boomers are used to managing and being managed. Very little leadership is apparent. The clergy led the way into doctrinal apostasy and covering up crimes. Everything the Clintons did was thought up by WELS in Columbus, Ohio - and no one went to prison.