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Friday, July 1, 2016

Reviewing the July 4, 2016 Issue of Christian News. No Fireworks.
Reading CN So You Don't Have To

LCMS Pastor Therwanger post with an unnamed friend.

LCMS Harold Therwanger is on he far left, with Nunes next to him.

Nunes and Therwanger.
Nunes' organist murdered an olderly woman
and the pastor easily found more lucrative work elsewhere.

Christian News:
First Immanuel overwhelmingly voted to keep Therwanger as its pastor after he announced he planned to wed his same-sex partner.

Dr. John Nunes, the congregation’s associate pastor, who heard Therwanger’s announcement, did
not show the homosexual senior pastor what the Bible teaches about homosexuality. Reports in
this issue show that Nunes, when he was a professor at Valparaiso University, did not oppose this
school’s support of same-sex marriage.

LCMS President Matthew Harrison, a long time close friend of Nunes, will be preaching at the
service in Bronxville, New York, when Nunes is installed as president of Concordia College, New
York. It may be the first time a college in the LCMS’s Concordia University System has a president
divorced from his first wife. Some articles CN has published about Nunes and his theology follow.

LCMS Pastor - has this been covered in CN?

Flogging Old Stories
If you liked previous issues of Christian News, you will love this one - the same content over and over.

Unanswered - why does Christian News run interference for Pastor Tom Brock, claiming Tom's letter was sent to me when no letter ever appeared. OK, I have donated all of Europe to Lutheran News, Inc. The title was sent to you in the mail. The return address reads - The Donation of Ichabod. If CN denies this magnificent gift was sent, I will call them various names.

Lately the themes of CN have been -
Harrison being re-elected.
Kloha and the so-called plastic text of the Bible.

Here is a timely farewell note from a WELS pastor -

Harrison – An Accomplished Politician 
Dear Herman, 
I like the new format of CN – it’s much easier for me to read. Also, I am astounded that so few are resisting the false teaching of Kloha. I can’t but feel that Harrison is an accomplished politician who can speak out of both sides of his mouth and deceive people – like our WELS leaders. Ignorance is bliss. 
WELS clergyman

Mark Schroeder's elimination squad will hunt this fellow down and eliminate him from the ministry. The observation is correct. I recall Harrison saying the Minnesota DP was wrong to steal the campus church and sell it, but the DP was within his power to do it. The offended supporters of the chapel said "Hurray. Harrison is on our side!" In fact, Harrison was pulling the rug out from under all those who objected to the theft.

Historically, the LCMS was founded on property fraud, theft of the bishop's gold, and kidnapping - all blessed by CFW Walther. Harrison is a Waltherian - at least he wants people to believe that claim.

Ever since, Synodical  Conference Lutherans have been willing to exchange one pope for another.

Kloha and Text Criticism
The incredibly funny "rules" of text criticism, invented by apostates Wescott and Hort, illustrate how this science is really a marvelous way to fool those who consider themselves intellectual while leaving the laity behind.

Let me be blunt for once. Most "conservative" Lutheran clergy are helpless in Greek and they know even less about text criticism (not there is much to know). At least Kloha does not grin like a Chesire Cat, not wanting to imitate the contented bovine smile of Moo from Wheaton College (NNIV salesman).

Moo of Wheaton
When the simpletons of Lutherdom began abandoning the King James Version in droves, they had a chance to update the KJV themselves or adopt a conservative update like the KJV21. After all, the KJV we use is a modest update of the original.

But no - the apostates ran after every new translation like Gadarene pigs, because they were infected with the swine virus called Universal Objective Justification.

The so-called conservatives are just versions of ELCA, some a bit more retro than others, but following the same rapid spiral downward from Pietistic Enthusiasm.

Historic St. John Lutheran Church in Milwaukee, after being kicked out of WELS and stolen by two members and a lawyer, is now welcomed back into WELS with those two thieves and their ELCA pastor. The men may not be hetero, but they are thoroughly Waltherian.