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Monday, July 18, 2016

The Odious Patterson Network in WELS - From 2008

"While hunting in Africa, I shot an zebra in my pajamas. How a zebra got into my pajamas I'll never know."
Read - Texas Clone Wars for more details about this odious network.

District VP Patterson hunts in darkest Africa with Synodical Council member Robert Timmerman (above). Patterson is also the council president at Holy Word. Why does Holy Word need a synodical subsidy when they have money for African safaris?
No wonder WELS is broke!
Missionary Harold Johne, whose son-in-law Marc Schroeder was booted from WELS, also hunts with Patterson.
Marc is 100% Church Growth.

Patterson vicared for DP Vilas Glaeske.

Jim Radloff was the first pastor of Holy Word.

Matt Doebler, Rock and Roll Church, their anonymous blog.

Pastor Don Patterson: "We reach out together with Christ the Rock, Round Rock, Texas. This new preaching station is an outreach of Holy Word, Austin. The group received Synod funding of $22,000 to assist in this outreach. Their hope and plan is to organize a congregation with an Early Childhood Development Center and a Lutheran elementary school. Presently the group numbers thirty-six communicants and forty-nine souls of whom five joined the group by Adult Confirmation. Presently there are four others enrolled in the BIC class. Average attendance has been 55 with an average of fifteen in Bible Class and eight in Sunday school. A Soccer Bible Camp in the target area of Round Rock had a regular attendance of 105 with 60% being non-members. A Parenting Seminar had thirty-five in attendance, 90% non-members."

Patterson is good friends with CrossWalk pastor Jeff Gunn. Pastor Gunn was busy as a bee, left alone in his hive, while DP Janke was kicking pastors out of WELS.

Vicar Hall of FamePatterson's church is 30 years old, but he gets free vicars from a synodical grant aimed at needy congregations. Free vicars cover for him when he jets to Africa or to Church Growth conferences.

Mike Geiger

Nathan Buege and family and date.

Caleb Schoeneck

Robert Guenther: The Main Thing is the Main Thing. Seriously. He changed his website name to On the front page:
Helping You Keep The Main Thing The Main Thing

Steve Prahl, son of the Western Wisconsin DP, Herb Prahl (above), vicared at Holy Word.

Andy Mueller, son of former WELS VP Wayne Mueller, is the brother of Adam, who is very active in Church and Chicanery.

Pastor Geoff Cortright

Vicar Mark Tiefel's father is a professor at The Sausage Factory in Mequon. Did Mark preside at Holy Word when Patterson took the staff to hear Brother Stetzer at the Exponential?

Other Connections

Pastor John Stelljes, Maitland, is a young Church and Changer, fresh out of the Sausage Factory. He went to the Exponential Stetzer conference. John's father is a member of Holy Word.

Pastor Ben Golish, Maitland, Florida went to the Exponential conference where Stetzer spoke.

Jim Mattek used to be a pastor. He is now CEO of Wisconsin Lutheran Child and Family Services. Patterson is on the board of directors. One person thinks the key to Church and Chicanery is WLCFS.

Mark Jeske's non-Lutheran Time of Grace was funded by Church and Change donors. Patterson promotes Time of Grace on his website.

Paul Kelm, DMin (Concordia St. Louis), has always been the most obvious proponent of Reformed doctrine in WELS. Church and Changers arranged a secretive call back to The Love Shack, their main hive.

Parlow went to the Baptist conference called Drive 08, led by Andy Stanley. Parlow's congregation seems to be original hive for Church and Change.

The four Church and Chicanery epicenters are:

  1. Mark Jeske,
  2. Don Patterson, and
  3. John Parlow.
  4. The Love Shack.


What Have We Learned Today?
VP Don Patterson keeps his name off the website of Church and Change, but he gave the Bible study at a previous conference. The connections above point to Church and Change and influential members of the synod.

Getting rid of Enthusiasm in WELS is possible, if the efficacious Word is used, but the network has grown so thoroughly under the watchful eyes of DPs like Glaeske and Seifert, that getting rid of it will be hard work, if it is even attempted.

When The Sausage Factory asks for papers from Paul Kelm and Don Patterson about how to improve seminary education, you know the fix is in. Did Kelm and Patterson suggest even more Church Growth idiocy? Is that possible after having two seminary presidents in a row with CGM tatoos?

No one at Mequon has done anything about this for decades. Why should they? Their deluded students treat joining the LCMS as a catastrophe. At the same time their noodles are filled with Fuller and Willow Creek doctrine - contrary to the Christian faith and the Lutheran Confessions. Read this paper, which treats a WELS/LCMS split in typical hysterical fashion without acknowledging that Church Growth has taken over the congregation.


Little Rockers at Christ the Rock Lutheran Church.

Busta Gut started his career at a variety of Emerging Churches.
Koine will sing at Rock and Roll on April 5th.
Koine is the Mormon Tabernacle Choir of Church and Change.

According to the BHM report..
Doebler's administrative assistant got a pay raise to 48k...(nice) with the syond cuts Rock and Roll gets a raise... As bad as AIG.

Another research report from Team Ichabod:

The COP met at Holy Word in January.. They love Patterson and Rock and Roll Doebler..

And look what layman, fellow Patterson Zebra hunter, Timmerman says about worship. "Are not most areas of worship adiaphora?"

and DP Glaeske, Patterson, and now Gurgel nod their heads in approval..

Patterson still wants free vicars and he wants a free staff minister..

Doebler has his hand out too.


Here is a report, modified from another team member:

VP Don Patterson has affluent members, so one must wonder why he has his hand out for more synod money.

Robert Timmerman owns a business called Fine Lumber ( He was the congregational president but is probably an Elder now. He has served on the national WELS Synodical Council. He has funded safaris for Kudu Don Patterson and Missionary Johne (father-in-law of Marc Schroeder, who was booted from WELS and joined Missouri with his congregation).

Ron Stelljes is now the congregational president at Holy Word. They sold their luxurious house to Holy Word so Patterson could have it as his parsonage. Their son John is in Floria.

-Treasurer Lew Rabenberg is a professor at The University of Texas at Austin. His wife is an attorney.
-Financial Secretary Allan Gebert is a self-employed CPA. His oldest son, Zack, currently is studying to be a pastor.
-Elder Bill Starke works at IBM as an engineer.
-Elder Gary Franke works for the Round Rock Express, the local AAA baseball club.
-Elder Nathan Steinke works for Intel as an engineer.
-Property and Maintenance Committee member Tim Moll owns some kind of electrical/lighting company. He provided all of the lighting to the new church built around 2002.
-Property and Maintenance Committee member Clint Rogas has a son (Clint, Jr.) who used to be a highly-paid technical consultant. He gave it up to study for the ministry and now has a congregation in Michigan.
-Staff Minister Chad White used to work for Motorola, but he gave that
up to become a staff minister.

The Elders at Christ the Rock in Round Rock:
-Andy Alff is a geologist, and his wife has been a teacher at Holy Word School for years.
-Tony Previti and Mark Smith both work for Dell Computer. Mark's wife, Kelly, is the daughter of Staff Minister Bob Hill. Her brother, Ryan Hill, used to be the principal at Holy Word until he took a call up to Michigan.
-Joe Krohn, the Rock and Roll blogger, is a friend to Patterson (isn't everyone in Church and Chicanery?). Joe probably provided the anonymous and smug comment that the COP approved of Rock and Roll Church, that they got another grant.


GJ - I have to wonder why Holy Word in Austin needs to take away mission subsidy money from others when the members are well established in the professions and in business.

Even stranger is wasting all that money flying the Conference of Pussycats into Texas so they can agree to do nothing. I have already seen Patterson's network go into a series of denials and huff-huff emails. Doubtless even more happens when the subsidy money is threatened.

There is your offering money at work. Read the links and weep.

Kingdom Workers = Jeff Davis, Board Member, Church and Change on their board. Isn't that sweet? And no one knows who the secret supporters are. No wonder WELS has discussed a synodical split and who gets the loot.

PS - Corrections are always welcome, as long as they are signed with a real name.


A correction or addition just came in, but I forgot the researcher's name already:

Holy Word member Mr. Paul Mattek , lay rep on the Board for Home Missions (BHM).

They are the ones who give out free vicars and staff ministers.


GJ - When the COP met with Rock and Roll at Holy Word in Austin, did anyone think they would drop-kick Patterson into Barton Springs Pool?

One observer cannot understand how Kudu Don went over to the dark side. His own congregation is "normal," and so are the ones he helped start in the area. But now he is behind Rock and Roll, Church and Chicanery.

In Columbus, Floyd Luther Stolzenburg got to the money man. I heard that businessman tell Marc Schroeder (son of Salty) to get rid of the liturgy and creeds.
Given Timmerman's lack of understanding of Lutheran theology, the same thing could have happened at Holy Word in Austin.


Holy Word in Austin and Christ the Rock in Round Rock
need synod subsidies.
They must know how to po-mouth...or network.

From our research department, based on published information:

Austin is in Travis County (, and Round Rock is in Williamson County (

Paul Mattek's home is at . It's valued at a little over half a million dollars.

Looking under Robert Timmerman in Travis County, you'll see he owns three properties. His business location is worth $350K. The other two homes are worth a total of $650K. He's got some kind of ranch property in the Texas Hill Country as well.

Ron Stelljes is in the Williamson County listing for only $180K. The researcher thinks it is undervalued.

Tim Moll's home is 2/3 of a million dollars.

Bill Starke - $280K.
Lew Rabenberg - $254K.

Allan Gebert - $195K.

Nathan Steinke - $182K.

Gary Franke - $170K.

Andy Alff - $170K.

I found a "Joey Krohn" at , and he's got a home listed at $276K.

And Pastor Doebler's home looks to be worth about $165K.

It looks like Holy Word sold the parsonage to Pastor Patterson on Nov 30, 2006. It's appraised at over $200K. You can get this information from the "Datasheet" PDF link on


Anonymous has left a new comment on your post "Why Is the Patterson Network On Synod Welfare?":

You also neglected to unearth Patterson's own ranch that he owns out in the Hill Country.


GJ - Doebler, at Rock and Roll Lutheran Church has a assistant, who requires a salary of $48k! Patterson, who gets free trips to Africa with Timmerman, needs a free vicar. Timmerman in his report that the synod is in decline. Doubtless it is - after 30 years of Church Shrinkers in charge. The Shrinkers have skimmed all the budget money for themselves while telling the real mission pastors, "Too bad, so sad, we don't have enough money for your mission."

The amount of money wasted in WELS is simply phenomenal. Estimate the lease and overhead for the Popcorn Cathedral of Rock in A-Town. Add the salaries and benefits of a pastor and a pricey executive assistant. That is a staggering amount of money for a "mission" no one wanted, for a white elephant theatre, for two people Tweeting about how hard they work: one service a week during Lent, a half-hour service followed by a three-hour party, with an official launch date based a rock band and a performance platform being built. The Sunday evening services allow local WELS members to attend to make the "mission" look like it has real attendance.

The CORE's two blogs, from two full-time people, are D.O.A.

Rick Gunn has a similar deal in CrossRoads Lutheran in Phoenix, with a staffer at $50k. That hand is outstretched for grant money too. And yet, there are experienced, faithful pastors who would be glad to receive that much compensation.

Most pastors have an unpaid staffer, named Frau Pfarrer (the pastor's wife). The vast majority of wives are lucky to get a little income as the church secretary or school teacher. I wonder what these wives think about Church and Chicanery missions needing $50k staffers when there is so little to do and even less is being done.

I proved to a local professional that a little blogging would bring in new customers. She and her husband did a little more with the blog I set up for them. They landed a new customer just like that, for free. The Internet is a phenomenal method for broadcasting the Word for little or no cost. I find the Shrinkers are ga-ga for useless overhead but numb to the efficacious Word.

Look at the silly website for The CORE. A lot of elaborate eye-candy techniques are designed for people with short attention spans. But nothing has been done in publishing good content since it was launched with a three-hour party. Given the need for three days to recover from a three-hour party, a website could easily have dozens of worthwhile items on it by now. But, WELS members should be glad, the offensive new material is published at a glacial pace. Twitter uses up so much time and energy, dontcha know.


Anonymouse has left a new comment on your post "Why Is the Patterson Network On Synod Welfare?":

You will be judged by your own standards, Ichabod.


GJ - Actually, WELS is being judged by its own standards, by its own members. They are appalled at: the COP protecting false teachers: throwing money at wasteful self-indulgent, non-missions; and soft-pedaling the Stetzer gig at Church and Chicanery's conference.