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Saturday, July 30, 2016

WELS LACE Money at Work - Propping Up
The Largest (sic) Distinctly Lutheran Festival in North America
Luther Daze

WELS Ex-VP (Michigan District) is a leader of LACE.
They just gave $5,000 of your interest money to Natalie Pratt,
pictured below.

WELS members and pastors should follow the money, instead of sleeping through the next money scandal. LACE paid $5,000 to be a sponsor of this fiasco.

Luther Daze is a good description of WELS.

They finally filed the LLC papers (false advertising before), but they are NOT a non-profit group.
They cannot be an LLC and non-profit in Wisconsin.



"LACE paid $5,000 to be a sponsor of this fiasco".  

Are they a sponsor in the true sense by donating the money without reimbursement or did they just lend the money?

The first page of LACE states:

"Our purpose is to assist congregations. This can't be emphasized enough!
The primary purpose of LACE being a Christ-centered servant is to provide congregations with low cost loans to support the church in fulfilling its mission of sharing the Gospel of Jesus Christ. These loans can be used to refinance current mortgages; construct and or purchase a new church, parsonage or teacherage; expand or renovate the church, school facilities, and parsonages or teacherages; or to complete miscellaneous projects such as carpeting, purchasing an organ or fixing a roof. In addition to providing the funding for loans, LACE provides a channel through which people can purchase investments and receive annual interest payments. Contact us today for more information or to arrange a visit at your church."

This is a single event with an unknown attendance. 

Wouldn't $5,000 to a congregation for long-term investment be more wise?

If Luther Days is now registered in Wisconsin as a for-profit company and not a church, doesn't this go against LACE's primary purpose which is clearly stated on thier website?  The last 2 church projects on their website are listed as 2010. 

Does Luther Days not have enough sponsors that LACE had to step in?  

Either way, the Board of Directors should be making a statement on the amount provided.  The entire website gives no indication of gifts to any church but rather loans.  The incompetency of those presiding over this event is alarming.