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Tuesday, August 23, 2016

Another Book - Liberalism: Its Cause and Cure - To Be Re-Published Soon

I wrote a series of articles about how the mainline churches became apostate. After all, Yale University once taught the reality of Adam and Eve, the apostolic authority of the Gospel of John.

I aimed the essays at Christian News, but Pastor Otten suggested they be sent to Northwestern Publishing House (WELS). NPH accepted the manuscript for publication, but asked this - "You have the cause, but what is the cure?"

Shortly after that, I gave a paper on the Means of Grace and the differences with the Church Growth Movement. Wally Oelhafen, Fred Adrian (WELS District Mission Board) and Roger Kovaciny went nuts with rage. All three were WELS pastors at the time. Kovaciny went ELS to work in the Ukraine with Jar Jar Webber. Adrian left the ministry for a time and was welcomed back by DP John Seifert, another alleged conservative.

While Kovo was throwing my paper in the air and cursing, and the DMB roaring, I thought, "This is the cure chapter." And thus the book was finished, more or less. NPH took forever to finish the publishing, for reasons never disclosed to me. The moment the book came out, it sold like crazy, and WELS did everything possible to get rid of me.

The Church Growth faction in WELS, even more dominant now, kicked out the editor who backed my work. The bosses pushed their SHUN! buttons and lots of pastors stopped speaking to me, unless they wanted to vent their ignorance.

NPH accepted then refused to publish Catholic, Lutheran, Protestant. They made up for that lapse by promoting CLP in direct mailings and selling boxes of it that they bought via Christian News.

One of my friends in insurance said that Liberalism taught him about mainline Christianity and that I showed him what the Christian Faith meant.

The book is even more relevant today, because it tracks the origins and end game of apostasy - falling away from the Faith. That is the point of this blog, to show people what is happening and provide the cure - the efficacy of the Word in the Means of Grace.

I want people to read the apostate books, whether I have vetted them or not, because faithful Christian believers need to practice doctrinal discernment - rather than have selected works spoon-fed to them - the rest banned "to prevent harm."

Since this is a smaller book, the author's price should be even lower than Catholic, Lutheran, Protestant, so this book would also make a good adult class textbook.

Liberalism is in the finishing stages for Amazon and Kindle e-books. The  budget is:

$100 - proofing.
$100 - finishing editor.
$100 - free promotional copies.
$300 - TOTAL.

 Norma Boeckler designed the new covers
and provided illustrations for the interior.