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Monday, August 15, 2016

Correction on the Vespers Service!

Deacon Anthony Oncken

ELDONA, less than one square mile
Where mullets are in style, year-round.
Oh, church bandit, you sure planned it,
Wherever you're going, I'll goose-step your way.

EL DONA, makes Hispanics smile,
Where mitres are in style, year-round,
We're after the same smells and bells,
Glad we're not in WELS, or with Missouri swells
ELDONUTs and me.
sung to the tune of Moon River

 Official mascot for ELDONA:
Suffragen Bishop Cujo.

At the last ELDONA meeting, a Vespers service was announced, but it was only for the pasteurized, homogenized ELDONA priests and bishop. No layman was allowed to attend. A postulant could not attend either. Nor could an applicant for their seminary.

When laity found out they were barred from worship, they looked around at each other.

What would St. Ignatius say?

GJ - Correction. 8-18-2016. Everyone was allowed to attend the Vespers service, but the party afterwards was for clergy only. Not very hospitable.

"What's wrong with a mullet?"

St. Ignatius ELDONA Seminary, Malone, Texas.
Oncken is in charge of the entire student body - one person.
The Live Bait sign was ordered but was not yet installed in time for the photo-shoot.