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Thursday, August 4, 2016

Fun Sharing Rose Blooms and Rose Bushes

Barbra Streisand Rose

I wrote before about giving Barbra Streisand to a friend to grow, because she loves lavender roses. No, I do not blame the rose for the name - I thought it was a good match. We should always give what we would like to have ourselves. Like great books, great roses can be enjoyed over and over again by various people.

I had a routine exam at the doctor's office, so I brought roses for the reception staff. They paid no attention to them when I signed in. Then I said, "These are for your staff. You do all the work around here." One receptionist said, "Hola, roses. The goat ate all my roses. Not my goat. His goat." It was clearly her husband's hungry goat. I said, "They taste good. They are herbs."

Our neighbor and her daughter loved the Mother's Day roses I left on their porch, so I decided to give them a rose bush or two to practice on. They are both excited because it has been a topic of discussion between them. They will get a Veterans Honor and probably a Peace Rose.

Veterans Honor Rose

Sassy found their dog under a bush when he ran away, and they were happy about the little fence-climber coming home, only two houses away.

They also love our front yard, especially the Calladiums showing off their red, green, and white colors in the middle of the roses.

I gave a few tips, such as not using man-made fertilizer but following the principles of Creation. A believer, she smiled and said, "God's ideas are probably a lot better than ours."

Mr. Lincoln never disappoints.

If I had to name one rose to start with, it would be Mr. Lincoln, because no rose grows with the vigor and strength of Mr. Lincoln. The canes repeat bloom, time after time. The buds open up slowly with the richest fragrance and slowly turn an attractive shade of purple.

Peace changes color slowly,
starting out a light yellow and adding
the pink edging.