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Wednesday, August 3, 2016

NSA Intercept - Making a Yuuuge Deal

Do not anger the Big Kahuna.

One of my sources downloaded this from, but the URL has changed since then. Those spooks are so careful with their information.

Kudu: OK, boss. We will give Ski a big recommendation, that he is 100% for a call anywhere.

Big Kahuna: This will make Insurance-ho happy. He protects his alumni.

Tiny Tim: That's right, Big. We will call Ski as soon as we get the OK. No one wants to accept a call for that position. Hahahahahahahaha.

Kudu: But boss, my parish needs to take over his members and territory, OK? That way we can go multi-campus and make a big splash in the area. Round Rock is loaded with high-end potential members.

Insurance-ho: I am sure that some generous grants will come from this blessed plan. The board wants to do more with our institutions and congregations.

Big Kahuna: Kudu, we have to have a study about the situation, maybe call in an outsider on this, like Will Cell 4 Call. He will make sure we have good results

Kudu: He is a fine man. I am sure he would like to hunt lions in Africa with me.

Tiny Tim: He's a vegan.

Kudu: He can hunt deer with me. They only eat grass and leaves.

Big Kahuna: Great. We are all on the same page. Now let's make sure this does not get out.

Kudu: Boss, it's already a speculation post on you know what.

Big Kahuna: Conversation over. This never happened and nobody was here.

Tiny Tim: GA promise - better than a pinky promise.