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Monday, August 15, 2016

Take Luther With You - Especially Galatians

The Galatians Lectures can be found in the shorter form or the longer, final effort of Luther to keep people straight on Justification by Faith.

The two best productions by Luther are Galatians and his Small Catechism. Luther offered that assessment, and most would agree. No doubt that can be found in most seminarians' notes - "L. best, Gal and small cat." But no one reads them. Even fewer study them, especially Galatians. The genius editors of the Formula and Book of Concord, 1580, commended Luther's Galatians for additional study of Justification by Faith.

Jar Jar Webber condescended to mention Galatians but revealed no insights from the book he ignored so ungraciously. Why not? Galatians repudiates every word of the Emmaus Dreck already enshrined in the precious WELS Essay File. I nominate Webber for a professorship at Mequon - they so richly deserve God's wrath for their promotion of false doctrine.

Me? No, that was a long time ago.
The number may be up to several dozen by now.

We make stops where I have to wait for a period of time, from very short to hours, depending. I often take Luther's Sermons with me or Galatians.  I can open Galatians to Galatians 3 and be knocked over by Luther's insights in one paragraph.

He observed that teacher of the Bible can take a flower and plant a meadow with it. One concept can be compared and multiplied by many other texts and insights from personal experience. But Luther has taken the Apostle's meadow and built landmass of flowers with it.

There are many opportunities to pick up Luther and read a paragraph. Throw away the synodical drivel and read the Reformer for a year. That is a bit dangerous. The Word brings with it many blessings and plenty of crosses.

The blistered and injured athlete will say the Olympic gold was worth the sacrifices, and the one who reads Luther will eventually realize what the Reformer meant by "the blessed and holy cross" one must bear in teaching the truth.

Luther is available in many convenient forms:

  1. Printed works are often very inexpensive - used ones are hardly worn at all. WELS copies will crack when opened.
  2. E-books are handy for all computers and digital devices.
  3. The Lenker Luther sermons are published on this blog - see the top - and featured every Sunday for the Church Year.
  4. Fortress Press' Day by Day We Magnify Thee is a good devotional book built around Luther's insights, verbatim.

Once a reader is used to Luther, he will notice that the Reformer had many caustic remarks for false teachers.

The more delicate Lutheran leaders of today are slugs in public, spineless and slow, but they are full of venom for anyone who questions their precious infallible sect. Hold your breath after making an observation. You will not pass out waiting for them to say, "Eighth Command!" or "Matthew 18!" or "Slander!"

ELDONUTs are full of themselves, as their own graphic shows.