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Friday, August 26, 2016

The 25th Anniversary Edition of Liberalism: Its Cause and Cure Is Now in Production.

The revised manuscript and covers are now with the finishing editor, who gets the almost final product onto Create Space (Amazon) and Kindle.

There are always format issues, especially with the books from Lulu, because they were written in Word from another century.

This book is already 25 years old. I saw one used original printing for about $64, plus shipping. The used market is more volatile than cattle futures.

WELS published this and the book went into three printings. Christian News sold it, and so did the Evangelical Lutheran Synod. Paul McCain reviewed Liberalism.

McCain reviewed Liberalism: Its Cause and Cure (favorably) for Christian News. He wrote on November 4, 1991: 

I apologize for the personal reflections in my review which apparently incurred even more wrath towards you from your administrators. That was not my intention. I was totally unaware of the pressure on you when I made the remark that the WELS would be wise not to "squander" your influence. In retrospect and with your letter I now feel it was a Providential remark. 

McCain also wrote on November 23, 1991: 

I am completely confused by the charge of slander some level at you for challenging certain theological positions. I suppose that it is possible to do this in an offensive manner, but I have read many of your articles and have always considered them to be objective. You never get "personal" or attack individuals on a personal level. Why have we so completely lost our stomach for polemics? 

At this point, McCain and his friend Herman Otten are quite grumpy with me. So are the various Lutherans sects, especially ELDONA. NPH did not publish Catholic, Lutheran, Protestant, 

Nevertheless, the issue is doctrine, not being admired by the people who brought apostasy, ruination, and scandal to the Lutheran church.

All of the invective has been recycled many times over, with Heiser being the latest to call me "crazy" and mutter the word "slander." Hmm. Sounds like ELCA tactics! So I invite people to consult the Internet and various university libraries to verify whether I am right or wrong.  The editor at NPH invited me to list some books, so I have quite an extensive list at the back of Liberalism.