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Monday, August 22, 2016

Updating Luther on False Teachers

Luther has a list of characteristic of false teachers, which I will try to find and repost below. The old post from Paul McCain and the ELDONUTs moved me to make a new list.

I. They are drama queens. They are not content to object to something. Everything they dislike has to be portrayed as the worst possible thing that will destroy the Lutheran Church (or anything else) as we know it.

II. Their accusations are never substantiated by facts. Item -  "quite another sort of total foolishness to allow your church body to be trashed in such reckless, and frankly, psychotic fashion, by Jackson..." Trashed? Exactly how? WELS has not changed a bit by years of blogging, except there is more of the same under Mark Schroeder and his boss Mark Jeske. What exactly is this psychotic fashion, other than identifying McCain's plagiarism and supporting Justification by Faith Alone? McCain's medical qualifications are even worse than his Catholic-Lutheran education. Perhaps he forgot that is the most common accusation lobbed by overpaid and under-worked church bureaucrats.

III. The false teachers constantly work behind everyone's backs while howling about public admonition. As McCain revealed in his tirade sent to the Intrepid Lutherans, he warned Rydecki about me, but Rydecki was mature enough to make his own decisions. Earlier, McCain sought me out at Ft. Wayne, wrote friendly letters to me, and asked me to review Marquart's book in CN (which sold like hotcakes after). And McCain reviewed Liberalism favorably in CN, which also sold very well. McCain invited me to the Purple Palace. 

IV. They describe good as horribly evil and unChristian. This tactic has been the favorite of Church Growth and Universal Objective Justification. Discussing sound doctrine is "Christian bashing." Those who teach St. Paul's Biblical Justification by Faith Alone are "OJ deniers!" - which sounds like "Global Warming Deniers." Listen to the Left-wing describe conservative Americans and the same drama queen language dominates.  

V. The false teachers must silence, shun, and exile everyone who disagrees with their agenda. They never stop their raging activity, going from entity to entity to carry out their ministry of suppression. In the age of social media, that does not work well. In the past we would not have known that McCain was kicked off three different websites:

  1. Intrepid Lutherans banned him.
  2. ALPB Online Forum put him in time-outs and finally banned him.
  3. LutherQuest stopped linking his Roman Catholic plagiarism.
VI. They destroy friendships rather than building relationships. Their influence is so toxic that disrupt many relationships. That makes no difference to them, as long as they retain their illusionary power.


Editor McCain,

Some of us here appreciate and wish to continue to hear Pr. Austin's reflections on the LWF assembly.This is your last chance. Here's the deal: I am asking you to STOP commenting on any of the threads related to the LWF. If you fail to do so, I will suspend your membership on the forum until after the LWF assembly is over. Are we clear?

Whatever you say, Moderator Johnson.

ALPB Online Forum

GJ - Note that McCain has 600 posts on a forum he quit because it was harming his mental health.

GJ - I continue to get communications from people who thank me about the synodical facts being reported on this blog. They have seen the same corruption of doctrine, the same evil behavior at a close range. Most Lutheran blogs want  to argue about individual cups for communion and other trivia.

Luther on False Teachers

False Teachers Use Work of Others


"Note the master hand wherewith Paul portrays the character of false teachers, showing how they betray their avarice and ambition. First, they permit true teachers to lay the foundation and perform the labor; then they come and desire to do the work over, to reap the honors and the benefits. They bring about that the name and the work of the true teachers receive no regard and credit; what they themselves have brought—that is the thing. They make the poor simple-minded people to stare open-mouthed while they win them with flowery words and seduce them with fair speeches, as mentioned in Romans 16:18. These are the idle drones that consume the honey they will not and cannot make." Sermons of Martin Luther, 8 vols., ed., John Nicholas Lenker, Grand Rapids: Baker Book House, 1983, VII, p. 110. Second Sunday in Lent. 2 Corinthians 11:19-33; 12:1-9; Romans 16:18.

False Doctrine Tolerated


"And such false teachers have the good fortune that all their folly is tolerated, even though the people realize how these act the fool, and rather rudely at that. They have success with it all, and people bear with them. But no patience is to be exercised toward true teachers! Their words and their works are watched with the intent of entrapping them, as complained of in Psalm 17:9 and elsewhere. When only apparently a mote is found, it is exaggerated to a very great beam. No toleration is granted. There is only judgment, condemnation and scorn. Hence the office of preaching is a grievous one. He who has not for his sole motive the benefit of his neighbor and the glory of God cannot continue therein. The true teacher must labor, and permit others to have the honor and profit of his efforts, while he receives injury and derision for his reward."
Sermons of Martin Luther, 8 vols., ed., John Nicholas Lenker, Grand Rapids: Baker Book House, 1983, VII, p. 110f. Second Sunday in Lent. 2 Corinthians 11:19-33; 12:1-9. Psalm 17:9.

God Punishes Ingratitude by Allowing False Teachers


"In the second place such teachers are disposed to bring the people into downright bondage and to bind their conscience by forcing laws upon them and teaching works-righteousness. The effect is that fear impels them to do what has been pounded into them, as if they were bondslaves, while their teachers command fear and attention. But the true teachers, they who give us freedom of conscience and create us lords, we soon forget, even despise. The dominion of false teachers is willingly tolerated and patiently endured; indeed, it is given high repute. All those conditions are punishments sent by God upon them who do not receive the Gospel with love and gratitude."
Sermons of Martin Luther, 8 vols., ed., John Nicholas Lenker, Grand Rapids: Baker Book House, 1983, VII, p. 111. Second Sunday in Lent. 2 Corinthians 11:19-33; 12:1-9. John 5:43.

False Teachers Flay Disciples to Bone


"In the third place, false teachers flay their disciples to the bone, and cut them out of house and home, but even this is taken and endured. Such, I opine, has been our experience under the Papacy. But true preachers are even denied their bread. Yet this all perfectly squares with justice! For, since men fail to give unto those from whom they receive the Word of God, and permit the latter to serve them at their own expense, it is but fair they should give the more unto preachers of lies, whose instruction redounds to their injury. What is withheld from Christ must be given in tenfold proportion to the devil. They who refuse to give the servant of truth a single thread, must be oppressed by liars." Sermons of Martin Luther, 8 vols., ed., John Nicholas Lenker, Grand Rapids: Baker Book House, 1983, VII, p. 111f. Second Sunday in Lent. 2 Corinthians 11:19-33; 12:1-9.

Avarice in False Teachers


"Fourth, false apostles forcibly take more than is given them. They seize whatever and whenever they can, thus enhancing their insatiable avarice. This, too, is excused in them."
Sermons of Martin Luther, 8 vols., ed., John Nicholas Lenker, Grand Rapids: Baker Book House, 1983, VII, p. 112. Second Sunday in Lent. 2 Corinthians 11:19-33; 12:1-9.

They Lord It Over Us


"Fifth, these deceitful teachers, not satisfied with having acquired our property, must exalt themselves above us and lord it over us...We bow our knees before them, worship them and kiss their feet. And we suffer it all, yes, with fearful reverence regard it as just and right. And it is just and right, for why did we not honor the Gospel by accepting and preserving it?"
Sermons of Martin Luther, 8 vols., ed., John Nicholas Lenker, Grand Rapids: Baker Book House, 1983, VII, p. 112. Second Sunday in Lent. 2 Corinthians 11:19-33; 12:1-9.

We Are Dogs and Foot-Rags


"Sixth, our false apostles justly reward us by smiting us in the face. That is, they consider us inferior to dogs; they abuse us, and treat us as foot-rags."
Sermons of Martin Luther, 8 vols., ed., John Nicholas Lenker, Grand Rapids: Baker Book House, 1983, VII, p. 112. Second Sunday in Lent. 2 Corinthians 11:19-33; 12:1-9.

False Teachers Are Peacocks


"The peacock is an image of heretics and fanatical spirits. For on the order of the peacock they, too, show themselves and strut about in their gifts, which never are outstanding. But if they could see their feet, that is the foundation of their doctrine, they would be stricken with terror, lower their crests, and humble themselves. To be sure, they, too, suffer from jealousy, because they cannot bear honest and true teachers. They want to be the whole show and want to put up with no one next to them. And they are immeasurably envious, as peacocks are. Finally, they have a raucous and unpleasant voice, that is, their doctrine is bitter and sad for afflicted and godly minds; for it casts consciences down more than it lifts them up and strengthens them."
What Luther Says, An Anthology, 3 vols., ed., Ewald Plass, St. Louis: Concordia Publishing House, 1959, II, p. 642.