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Sunday, August 28, 2016

What are America’s Largest Seminaries? - Juicy Ecumenism

What are America’s Largest Seminaries? - Juicy Ecumenism:

"The evangelical Fuller Theological Seminary ranks largest with 1,542 full-time enrolled students during the 2015-16 academic year. Southern Baptist Theological Seminary and Southwestern Baptist Theological Seminary follow closely behind with 1,438 and 1,356 full-time enrolled students, respectively."

Otten forgot to include this graphic when he quoted Reuel Schulz,
who loved, loved, loved Pete Wagner.
"For several years I've been a Pete Wagner fan. Although I don't see eye to eye with him on many important theological points (he approves of faith healing and speaking in tongues as long as it promotes church growth and he comes from a Billy Graham decision for conversion doctrinal background), he is the most eloquent spokesman of the Church Growth Movement. A prolific author on mission/evangelism/church growth subjects, Wagner is also an excellent teacher and a crystal clear writer." 
Reuel J. Schulz The Evangelism Life Line (WELS) Winter, 1980.

"The publication TELL ('The Evangelism Life Line') has been inaugurated to promote the cause of church growth." Ernst H. Wendland, "Church Growth Theology," Wisconsin Lutheran Quarterly, April, 1981, 78, p. 105.

 Fave seminary of LCMS, WELS, ELS,
and dare I say it - the CLC (sic).
The CLC (sic) has a total of two seminarians,
as far as I could tell. They do not want to boast.


Among the smallest accredited Protestant seminaries in the nation are three Episcopal seminaries: Bexley Hall Seabury-Western Theological Seminary Federation with 17 full-time students enrolled, General Theological Seminary with 34 full-time students, and Episcopal Divinity School with 35 full-time students. IRD’s Jeffrey Walton reported Episcopal Divinity School will no longer grant degrees after the coming academic school year. “A menu of recycled 1960s-era liberation theology themes garnished with radical sexuality and gender studies proved unappealing to prospective seminarians,” noted Walton.

Total students - three classes at Bethany Lutheran Seminary, ELS.

'via Blog this'

 Like his pal David Valleskey,
Frost Bivens either did - or did not - attend Fuller Seminary.
Frosty told me and the Midland circuit, including DP Seifert
that he attended Fuller.
Valleskey told Dave Koenig that he attended Fuller.
Valleskey was angry with Koenig for passing that on,
and Koenig wrote one of his fierce letters to me about spilling the  beans.

 WELS is especially dense in the drunkest cities in the USA.