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Thursday, August 18, 2016

Why Bother with Synodical Politicians?

I have a lot of contacts, every day. Most have genuine concerns. A few want to play synodical games with information they will not address on their own. Or they want to trade gossip, their wampum for my gold. No thanks.

I have all the time in the world for doctrinal discussions and insights on recent Lutheran history. Almost all those contacts are laity who are sincerely involved in studying Lutheran doctrine and looking for good authors to study. A few are pastors who find out things before I do or subscribe to periodicals I would not use for mulch.

Christian News has always been a political tabloid, which is what I avoid. If Larry Olson were a Synodical President, I would kiss his feet and carry him in my arms - if he only taught Justification by Faith and the efficacy of the Word in the Means of Grace.

I have never seen positive results from the campaigns that elect one person or another.

Tell me, is WELS better off for so many years under Mark Schroeder.

May 14, 2007

Dear called workers,

President Gurgel has announced he will decline nomination for reelection at the synod convention this summer. He mailed a letter to all of you late last week explaining his thoughts. If you have not yet received it, it should be arriving shortly. 


Joel Hochmuth
Director of Communications

Nine years later, Mark Schroeder has leveraged the damage done by Gurgel and Mischke before him.

One example will suffice - Schroeder went to Appleton to cut a deal for Ski, and soon Ski's own district broke its rules and sent Ski down to Round Rock, Texas.
That was symbolic of "No one touches the Mark Jeske Crime Family."

The feminist-gay-Church Growth agenda of the Church and Change contingent continues unabated. Gurgel was bad, so bad he was forced to leave the presidency? He was the savior of WELS before he became SP. Schroeder is worse than Gurgel.

Shroeder could not even take a stand for a good translation of the Bible, though he told others he hated the New NIV, which is now standard and unopposed in WELS.

One WELS pastor had his son contact me and leak all kinds of information through Ichabod. He was standing at the computer while he did that, so he could say, "I never wrote to Ichabod." I have enough sources so I could determine quite a bit about what was going on.

I am pleased to say that official tabloid for synod politics, Christian News, never misses a chance to sully its own reputation for bad reporting, bad facts, and bad faith.