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Sunday, September 4, 2016

About Alec Satin | Alec Satin

About Alec Satin | Alec Satin:

"My story

I learned about loss and sadness earlier than most. By the time I was 13 I had given up finding real answers in the religion of my birth. Three years later my quest led me halfway around the world to New Zealand. While there a “born again” friend patiently explained how the world’s suffering and death stemmed from the curse of original sin. God in his mercy and love did not abandon human beings in their pain, but made a way for permanent reconciliation. Jesus Christ did the work. He made the atonement. Our role is to accept it by faith.

In my heart and soul I knew it was all true. I believed then and still do today.


 My fear of my family’s reaction was such that after returning to the States I hid my faith from them for the next few years. When they discovered my belief, I was excluded from gatherings and forbidden to have contact with my siblings. Though passions cooled in time and a kind of peace restored, no other members of my birth family ever professed Christian faith."

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