Friday, September 16, 2016

Author's Prices - Martin Chemnitz Press - So Far.
Order More Than One from Me for These Prices

Liberalism: Its Cause and Cure - $4

Catholic, Lutheran, Protestant - $6

Thy Strong Word - yuuuge paperback - $7.50

Making Disciples, Black and White - $2. The color version is $4.

The Faith of Jesus, Black and White - $3.50. The color version is $11.50.

My Lutheran Hymnal - Lyrics sorted by author - $11.50. Color

All these books are illustrated by Norma Boeckler.

I wondered - and found out - yes, I can put multiple titles on the same order. If you need one of each, or one of several, the same is true for author's prices. Add something for shipping.

Ask at - edlp means Every Day Low Prices. When the check arrives, the books are ordered.

The address also works without the dots -