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Friday, September 9, 2016

Be Life-Coached To Become a Life-Coach.
Like the Drug Addicts Who Get Counseled and Become Drug Counselors.
WELS Overlapping Money Scams. From 2013.

Elton Stroh did his coaching or mentoring at Martin Luther College.
Note that the online student listening via the computer near the window.
Stroh coached the Latte Couch Church into oblivion;
and senior pasture Randy Hunter was invited for Evangelism Day at the school.
MLC Evangelism Day = Jeske's Church and Changers Day.

Elton Stroh advertises on the Jeske conference website:

Special services
  • Annual Ministry Planning Event/Retreat
  • Developing multi-site ministries
  • Coaching and/or mentoring
  • Organizing staff for maximum effectiveness
  • Leadership development
  • Team building
  • Organizational alignment
  • Assisting with conflict management

This seems to overlap with Grace in Action, Cross-Train Ministries

CrossTrain Ministries

CrossTrain Ministries provides coaching services to identified Christian leaders with the stated goal of improving spiritual leadership skills amongst lay leaders, ministry professionals, and general volunteers. In conjunction with this spiritual coaching, CrossTrain also provides topical seminars with the goal of improving the quality of ministry leadership, both professional and volunteer, and ultimately providing the skills which will promote leadership of a higher capacity and excellence to involve all in ministry.
Services Provided
1. Coaching networks for professional and volunteer church leaders.
These networks include and utilize the following:
a) A well developed, professional, and applicable curricula
b) Skilled trainers as coaches
c) Printed, audio, and video training resources
d) A website including resources, recommended books, postings of Q/A's about various ministry related programs, personal physical and mental health information, and more always being added and developed
e) Meeting schedule for site-based, webinar-based, and individual coaching opportunities
2. A minimum of two site-based conferences to train and equip ministry leaders, both professional and volunteer per year. These conferences include
a) A four-day public seminar event. Topics include leadership, spiritual resiliency, management, communication, conflict resolution and other topics related to leadership in the ministry. Each participant leaves the conference with a personal action plan and a ministry action plan that has a time line and accountability. Each participant is assigned not only a coach but a peer coach from the group also.
b) Printed materials for the participants
c) Recorded seminars and supporting materials for distribution via the internet. This includes materials on topics such as leadership, spiritual resiliency, communication, conflict resolution, strategic planning, relational evangelism, time management, financial peace, pastoral counseling, anxiety, depression, family dynamics, healthy marriage, parenting, chemical dependencies, sexual addictions, spiritual abuse, dealing with chronic illness such as Alzheimer's disease, cancer, etc., dealing with chronic pain and other typical needs-based topics encountered in today's culture and society.
3. Development of small groups' leader training, including:
a) Pilot groups for the purpose of modeling group leadership techniques and group dynamics, with an emphasis on the development of spiritual resiliency support groups.
b) Personal one-on-one coaching in small groups' management by invitation to witness the pilot groups and be trained on the management of such groups.
CrossTrain Ministries provides a Biblically based leadership foundation from which everyone can begin to fulfill and prepare people to fulfill the "Great Commission" (Matthew 28:18-20). CrossTrain exists to embody the servant leadership model of Jesus Christ. The harvest is great and leaders are needed.

Let the hilarity begin as we contemplate the scam of life-coaching.

Who are these life-coaches, you wonder?

Rick Loewen. 
Rick is currently called by Crosswalk Lutheran Church. At Crosswalk, he serves for a subsidiary ministry called CrossTrain Ministries. CrossTrain Ministries is a self-supporting ministry in partnership with Grace in Action Ministries.

Jeff Gunn!
The means of grace are the key to people growing in their faith. One way to deliver the means of grace to the people of our congregation is via a groups system. [GJ - Note the greasy bait and switch. Pietistic cell groups are the means of grace for Jeff, whose son is an atheist. Start at home, Jeff. Crosswalk is embraced by DP Jon-Boy Buchholz, who once pretended to be against Crosswalk and tried to de-fund the parish. Now Jeff sits on his lap at WELS conferences.]

Kudu Don, on the right, is still listed as a VP.
His drunken "spiritual retreats" are legendary.

He currently serves as the first vice president of the South Central District of the WELS. His passion is mission work and church leadership. His hobbies are exercise and anything that happens outdoors, like killing dangerous African deer.

Grace Milwaukee barista!
From the coffee counter to coaching in one  easy lesson.
Order your new business cards upon enrollment.

Daron’sown (sic) development has included being coached by Rick Loewen, then advancing to a life coaching certificate and coaching other pastors. He currently serves as mission pastor at Holy Word Lutheran Church in Pflugerville, TX, which is nextdoor to another WELS mission.

Your Costs?

  • Commitment to receive 12 months of services - including a monthly webinar and personal time with your coach
  • 3 days of your life for personal and professional training at a conference center*
  • Personal time for completing homework including self-assessments, personal inventories, specialized readings, and much more
  •  Willingness to exchange ministry strategies, Bible studies, and sermons
  • Willing to coach fellow participants
  • $1300.00 for the twelve months of services

*Services and costs for the 3 day conference subject to vary

Get yourself a  barista with a real bar,
thanks to lavish funding from SP Schroeder and Keith Free.