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I exhort therefore, that, first of all, supplications, prayers, intercessions, and giving of thanks, be made for all men; For kings, and for all that are in authority; that we may lead a quiet and peaceable life in all godliness and honesty. For this is good and acceptable in the sight of God our Saviour; Who will have all men to be saved, and to come unto the knowledge of the truth. 1 Timothy 2:1-4

Monday, September 19, 2016

Lea Salonga Is the Noted Philippine Singer Who Dominated Les Miserables in Two Roles - Eponine Theology

 Lea Salonga is the pride of the Philippine Islands
for her great voice and theatrical skills.

In the rain, the pavement shines like silver
All the lights are misty in the river
in the darkness, the trees are full of starlight
And all I see is him and me, forever and forever.

But - it is all imagination

I love him, but when the night is over
He is gone, the river's just a river
Without him, the world around me changes
The trees are bare and everywhere the streets are full of strangers

I love him, but every day I'm learning
All my life, I've only been pretending
Without me, his world will go on turning
The world is full of happiness that I have never known.


I enjoy musicals, and this stage production, featuring music rather than scenes and acting, is my favorite when faced with the task of grading.

Dr. Lito Cruz and I discussed the talent of Lea Salonga and her world stardom, since is he and his wife are originally from the Philippines.

As I was listening to this unrequited love song from Les Miserables, I was struck by the parallel with bad Biblical interpretation.

Fuddlementalists, mainline liberals, and WELS-ELS-CLC-LCMS UOJists have one thing in common - the actual text is simply a springboard for their imaginations. They are completely unaffected by the actual meaning of the words they read and cite.

I recall my Augustana College professor, a Harvard mainline liberal, explaining that the Father, Son, and Holy Spirit were words "placed on the lips of Jesus" by the author of Matthew, in the Great Commission.

When I was studying the abusive Fundamentalists, one woman who grew up in abuse stated their sermons have nothing to do with the text cited. There is often no connection at all.

Likewise, the UOJists from WELS-ELS-LCMS live in the same delusional world. The Tiddlywinks who led the 2015 Emmaus Conference proved that. The LCMS DP said "everything is UOJ" in 2015.

"Why does objective justification matter? It’s the heart of the Gospel, that’s why. The concern, in my mind, is first and foremost PASTORAL." DP Herb Mueller, certified ignoramus.

The theme of the 2015 Emmaus Conference proved a timely topic.

“Our Righteousness Before God…Is Revealed in the Gospel. On this Righteousness Faith Relies.”

David Jay WebberThe lecture was given by the Reverend David Jay Webber in two parts.
  • Part I: Why Objective Justification Mattered to the Reformers
  • Part II: Why Objective Justification Matters to Us

Naturally, Jay's buddy Jon-Boy Buchholz already earned his reputation as a UOJ Stormtrooper, lying to Paul Rydecki, kicking Rydecki out and his congregation soon after, then trying to foreclose on the church property. Sure Buchie promised to discuss the matter further with the parish, but that was just a WELS DP con job. Everyone who went through GA knows about training everyone in lying.

 "First let me sing a song of my people."
Ditto the bishop with syphilis, Martin Stephan,
his enforcer and cover-up man, CFW Walther,
Pieper, JP Meyer, and Jay Webber.

Emmaus and the fakey unity conferences afterwards managed to proclaim everyone was united in a dogma that never existed within Lutherdom until Halle Pietism spread UOJ. Of course, UOJ did appear at Wittenberg University, but the post-Book of Concord theologians squashed its advocate, Huber, like a cockroach.

The UOJ Stormtroopers see Atonement passages and exclaim, "Lookee, the entire world has been forgiven and saved!"

The LCMS-WELS-ELS leaders have no concept of the efficacy of the world, a stunted grasp of the Means of Grace, and a completely perverted sense of right and wrong. Everyone is forgiven - except - the poor layman or pastor who even questions the District President or his infallible minions.