Saturday, September 17, 2016

WELS Luther Days an Expensive Flop

 Would anyone have come without the vendors?
 Another lie - an LLC in Wisconsin cannot be non-profit.
The "likes" are a joke. She buys "likes" online.

Sounds like Luther Days is a failure. The only people there are presenters and exhibition hall people.
WELS paid to fly Jay Webber in for 1 person to listen to him.

Natalie Pratt told the catering company to prepare for 3000.

Even with the 70-odd presenters and three or four dozen sponsor tables, less than 200 people were present

There was no one in line for food. It doesn't look like much was purchased from vendors, either. The sponsor booths always had people going through, but that was because narrowness of the hallways and small space assigned to them. It made it seem much more well attended than it was and was probably a gross violation of fire code.