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Wednesday, October 5, 2016

Herman Otten Is Praying for Me - But Bootless Prayers Do Not Avail -
As Shakespeare (Oxford) Says. October 10, 2016 Issue

I was going to abandon reviews of the newest Christian News, but October presented an opportunity to see how the Reformation would be spun.

First I saw my introduction to the Christian News Encyclopedia, Volume V, about a zillion years ago.

Like his ex-friend Paul McCain, Otten likes his books promoted but vindictively shuns anything that ruffles his Geneva gown. I do not mean he shuns Roman Catholic or Baptist or Church Growth books  loaded with false doctrine. Otten just shuns Lutheran books: they really bother him.

Imagine my surprise when he posted a Pray for Jackson article, a re-post based on the assumption that UOJ is my former position (never was) and that demi-semi-Kokomo UOJ is Biblical, Confessional, and orthodox. Ha!

“The Dying LCMS Seminaries” (pp. 8-12) includes an article by Dr. Gregory Jackson (p. 11). How he has changed. Note “Gregory Jackson Lies About Christian News” (p. 22), by David Becker. Jackson now rejects Universal Objective Justification." Layman David Becker - no qualifications - is the new Jack Cascione for Otten.

Everyone is supposedly against Kokomo, including the late Kurt Marquart, but they end up in the same camp with the same conclusions. All the UOJ Stormtroopers are liars, like the Cretans of old.

One of themselves, even a prophet of their own, said, The Cretians are alway liars, evil beasts, slow bellies. Titus 1:12

Remember that when the Synodical Conference writes about Justification by Faith, just as Otten does when the mood strikes him. They are all decidedly against the Chief Article and embrace the UOJ of ELCA.

Christian News mentions and "reviews" Thy Strong Word, mostly by quoting from the book.

That is really not a review, but I appreciate the denunciations in the same issue, which I consider an endorsement.

I created the Pope Otten graphic because he promoted the Roman Catholic Facts about Luther in the Reformation issue of CN. The book is a hate-filled lying bundle of lies typical of Roman Catholic education in the 1950s. Instead of repenting, he wrote to someone, "I sell to both sides of the issue."

 Reformation issue, Christian News.

 Otten also promotes and sells this official Church Growth textbook
for WELS
, loaded with UOJ and edited by Paul Calvin Kelm.

 LCMS - I know your history better than you do.