Sunday, October 23, 2016

Just a Love Shack

Just a Love Shack, filled with decay,
Like a rat's nest, in Waukeshay,
A veranda with some sort of clinging vine,
Then a kitchen where some alcoholics whine.
In our war room, waterboard fun.
Come to Jesus, or you are done,
Better than a Thrivent grant that cant' be traced,
Is the Love Shack where we are based!

 WELS sold off its delapidated Love Shack
for a new one closer to their overpaid drone staffmembers' home

 Retirement can come swiftly when
witnesses begin speaking.
Ask the late DP Ed Werner, below.

 This clever fellow has a brilliant
response to reading a column he does not like -
gang rape. Yes - a WELS pastor, now ex.