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Friday, October 21, 2016

Late Printing of the Kloha News - aka Christian News. 10-24-2016 edition of Christian News

 A graphics expert from Moline
created this papal photo for my birthday.

Pastor Herman Otten and Christian News never tire of proving me right about Universal Objective Justification.

According to this gaggle of anti-Lutheran, anti-Scriptural, anti-Christian advocates, "God declared the entire world righteous, forgiven of sin, and saved - without faith or the Means of Grace." They have not disclosed where this was revealed in the Bible but they remain firm in their delusional convictions. Jay Webber and Jon-Boy Buchholz - the Barbie Twins of Babylon's Boobacracy - united WELS-ELCA-ELS-LCMS-CLC (sic) in their earnest declarations and mutual backslapping at the notorious 2015 Emmaus Conference

The purpose of this epic, late issue is to discuss the debate between LCMS professor Kloha and LCMS-ELS exile John W. Montgomery. Kloha agrees with the modernist radicals that the New Testament text is whatever the self-appointed experts say it is, always evolving and improving as we learn how to impulsively pick and choose original texts,

Montgomery, who is UOJ, argued against Kloha. But a LutherQuest and CN UOJist is quoted thus:

Rev. Guillaume Williams, pastor at Hope Lutheran Chapel, Osage Beach, Missouri commented on Lutherquest: “While Montgomery may have had a couple of points made in this debate, I don’t think he accomplished what he and others were hoping to accomplish because, well, they’re wrong.”

Kloha, who has probably not had an original idea since entering graduate school, wrote this imperious note to Otten:

Christian News wrote to Kloha on October 17: “Please inform Christian News if Christian News has your permission to quote major important sections of this essay and if and when space permits to publish the entire essay.” 

Kloha responded on October 17: “Thank you for asking. No, Christian News may not print any portion of this document, or any others of mine. You have already broken copyright law many times.”

Kloha seems to have studied the law under the same shyster who trained The Right Reverend Bishop James Heiser, STM, Bishop of the ELDONUTs, who made similar claims against me.

Here is a clue for Heiser and Kloha, which may help Otten as well - When a work is quoted for a scholarly review of the literature or for a book review and similar academic enterprise, it is NOT a violation of copyright law to quote it. Christian News is listed on (Lutheran News, Inc) so it is a government approved non-profit.

Never Mentioned - I Covered This Topic Sixteen Years Ago
Pope Otten neglected to tell his dwindling audience that I covered this topic in Thy Strong Word, the Efficacy of the Word in the Scriptures and the Lutheran Confessions - sixteen years ago.

The print and Kindle editions of Thy Strong Word can be found here, and I gladly sell the print edition at cost. I have posted the free PDF as well.

Simply put, the King James Version retains the traditional text of the Bible. The same is true of modern versions of the KJV, which are numerous.

In contrast, the other modern translations all adhere to the modernist tactic of picking and choosing the New Testament text and eliminating significant portions of the New Testament. These variations agree with rationalism and really questionable sources, like the magical Sinaiticus and Vaticanus versions that one man just happened to find.

The modernist translations also follow self-serving rules that were invented by Wescott and Hort. They are even more blatant now, after getting away with so much in the past.

Those who commit themselves to the ESV, NIV, or various Surfer Dude paraphrases are selling their followers down the river.. Nothing is sacred in the Sacred Scriptures for them. The NIV added "all" are justified in Romans 3. The ESV is the Calvinist revision of the notorious RSV, which came from the fetid swamp of the National Council of Churches, formerly the Communist Federal Council of Churches.

The answer is to stick with the KJV (my choice) or the best modern version of the KJV. If Lutherans had done that at the beginning, they would be millions of dollars poorer but richer in the Means of Grace. Now they are financially and spiritually broke.

Meanwhile, the UOJists only agree on their Chief Dogma. Other than that, they disagree and really dislike one another - Otten and Paul McCain, Paul McCain and everybody but Matt Harrison.