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Tuesday, October 25, 2016

LCMS Dictatorial Power a "False Report"?

 As a not-very-good editor,
Paul McCain has served as a hired gun for Harrison.
Is a CPH functionary a member of the synod or district staff?
Who called a plagiarist into the teaching office of the Church?

I cited the LCMS resolution in this post yesterday, and several hundred read it at once.

"Resolution 12-07A (adopted 684 to 244) clarifies, in LCMS Bylaw 1.8, the definition of dissent, bringing it “into alignment” with the recent CCM opinion 13-2665, according to Wille. Dissent from the doctrinal positions of the LCMS is to be discussed first — in private, rather than a public forum — with those who are “competent to evaluate the issue critically” and then brought to the attention of the Synod’s Commission on Theology and Church Relations. Any “public teaching” — including on blogs and Facebook pages — that is contrary to the established doctrinal position of the Synod “shall place in jeopardy membership in the Synod.”
[source: itute-resolution-on-ecclesiastical-supervision-hea rs-linnemann]

Here is the latest on expelling pastors -  from the LCMS itself.

Several hundred read the post immediately, and one LCMS pastor condemned me for "a false report," Exodus 23, instead of the time-worn Eighth Commandment.

But Missouri has said - "God has blessed us with this resolution..." And note - Harrison and the COP are for it. Anathema sit! Anathema sit!

 102,000+ views - the most popular of all the Ichabod posts.
Graphic based on Norma Boeckler's work.
Study the quotation to realize its powerful meaning.

Norma Boeckler's art.

The condemning pastor did not support his accusation, because that is not the way sect loyalists operate. They make an accusation and leave it floating in the air. Of course, my opinions are up for debate, but the objective facts of the resolutions are not.

The LCMS has simply made official what was long assumed to be policy in ELCA, WELS, and the ELS. The LCA was so touchy about criticism that they always repaid candor with vindictiveness, shunning, and name-calling.

WELS excommunicated several families in Milwaukee for citing the synod's own policy about not taking government money. Later, WELS excommunicated the two Kokomo families for their objection to the Kokomo Statements, then blamed them for the Kokomo Statements. That is like France criticizing Marie Antoinette for bleeding all over their nice guillotine.

Pope John the Malefactor got rid of pastors and congregations for criticizing the ELS/WELS confused position on ministry.

These failing sects, descendants of the Stephanite sex cult, are not in a position to get rid of pastors and congregations. They are failing rapidly and now draw their hopes from mutual cooperation as they go down together. When WELS was eager to get rid of Northwestern College, I told LI, "Don't worry. You will graduate from NWC. I know the timeline." And he did. WELS Church Growth leaders got what they wanted, spend a ton of money on the merged colleges, and now the merged MLC is fast declining.

Biblical To Debate the Word - Remember the Reformation!

“For there must be also heresies among you, that they which are approved may be made manifest among you.”  1 Corinthians 11:9

The Apostolic Era was known for its conferences concerning doctrinal issues. If the Word of God is effective (I vote yes) and able to teach everyone (go on, go on) and not make anyone a slave to dictators, then an honest debate about doctrine is always good - and not limited to the high priests (pace, ELDONUTs). 

The early centuries of the Christian Church included a series of conferences where the nature of Christ was debated as various heresies confused the Two Natures. Nicene Creed? Yes, that is the blessed result of a council located near Constantinople.

The LCMS resolutions and the ELCA-WELS-ELS-CLC actions suggest that one should not remove the buggy flour from the good flour, but let the parasites grow, breed, and ruin everything. That works well for the parasites already in the flour, as the SP and COP realize.

Following the Apostolic precedents, the Reformation engaged in many different conferences, which occupied the time of Luther, Melanchthon, and others against the papalist party. The Lutherans knew they were in trouble when they could not agree with each other against the Roman party, a fact that revealed the need for the future Book of Concord - far more blessed than any sect resolution.

Does the LCMS not remember that their headlong plunge into mainline apostasy was briefly arrested by the Seminex crisis, when various speakers went out and exposed the Unitarian stance of the Concordia Seminary, St. Louis professors and president? If not for that, Marie Meyer would be Synod President now - instead of Matt the Fat. And Missouri would be in merger talks with ELCA and the Unitarian-Universalist Association.

 Roma locuta est, causa finita est.
Rome has spoken, the case is closed.

Long Standing Oppression and Underhanded Nastiness
The Synodical Conference - forming again like the Necromancer (Sauron) - has engaged in nasty tricks against clergy for a long time.

The clergy know this. They have traded their freedom as Christians for the security of a call and the esteem of other spineless pastors in their circles. 

In contrast, I traded the security of the synodical strait-jacket for the freedom of the Word. I have witnessed the dirty tricks, behind the scenes stunts, practiced by the pusillanimous politicians. Many of them have tumbled - for a lady, for the bottle, for other carnal traps - but the degradation of Holy Mother Sect continues. Many are eager to take their place, like Zank standing on the oxygen hose of Engelbrecht while praying for the ailing DP in the hospital. (Joking - that is metaphorical)

I have observed many clergy tossed out, deprived of a living and stuck with worthless training. As one friend said, "The officials do not care what that does to the family and the pastor. The congregation is also indifferent." But such actions do not escape God's justice. Like the murderer who gets away with his crime, the felony is just as real. 

One lawyer suggested that one way they obtain the truth from suspects is by noting the weight of sin bearing down on the felon. They suggest a sincere confession will give the man peace for the first time. 

Many synodical officials need to confess their sins instead of running down their faithful clergy. Here is a belly-laugh. I ran into the ELS President's report online (Pope John the Malefactor). He has treated clergy and congregations like dirt. Moldstad is so ignorant of Lutheran doctrine and so dishonest about his failings that he continues to be a mockery of the pastoral office. Like his pals Schroeder and Harrison, he does not grasp Justification by Faith. Like them, he cannot tolerate the teaching of Luther and St. Paul.

Does he have a word of warning against the ELS-WELS-LCMS working with ELCA? No, instead he quotes this pastor - 

So, where are we headed? If the winds and waves surging against the church are not already gale-force, apowerful hurricane is emerging on the horizon. One pastor put it this way: “At the very eye of the satanic hurricane which is battering the church is the vicious attack being waged upon the Bible… Even manyso-called evangelical churches today are advocating accommodation with our culture in order not tooffend or in order to get along.” (D. Barnhardt, The Vine and the Branches, vol. 31, Issue 1, p. 4.)

What better way to batter the Church, Pope John, than to use the sledgehammer from the inside, where protection is weakest, where one can excommunicate willfully and maliciously?

 Pope John the Malefactor,
his mitre resting uneasily on his head.