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Saturday, October 1, 2016

Martin Luther College (WELS) and Their Obscene Homecoming "Talent" Show

Martin Luther College added 10 new photos to the album:
MLC Homecoming 2016 - Talent Show.
6 hrs
The MC's and students rocked it last night! Well done and thank you to everyone involved. (Sorry, we're not able to stream or archive these events due to music copyright laws.)


GJ - Now that is a very big lie. Martin Luther College does not care about violating copyright laws. They uploaded Party in the MLC on YouTube - twice - for world-wide consumption, stealing a Miley Cyrus song without permission, copying a parody - almost frame by frame - without permission.

WELS Source:


It's not due to copyright laws that they don't stream the homecoming talent show....
It's because it is filled with raunchy humor that would make even professional comedians blush.

The MC(s) aren't chosen because they are good at doing it, they are chosen because they are the raunchiest guys at the CoS parties.

Party in the MLC was a homecoming video... It was "mild" compared to the talent show "humor."